VICIDial is one of the most popular call center solutions in the industry. Its open-source nature contributes to the growing popularity of this software for call centers. Thousands of businesses use this solution to manage inbound and outbound campaigns. Even if it is an open source solution, it has several powerful features to stay competitive. However, it lacks some advanced features and technology-driven functionalities. But there is nothing to be worried about because of the benefits it has to offer. You get access to the code. Therefore, you can make any changes in the code to personalize this solution to meet your business needs. Furthermore, you can build custom features using VICIDial development service to stay competitive. In short, there is nothing that can lag a call center that is using VICIDial for call center operations.

VICIDial is a powerful, popular, flexible, and robust solution to manage different types of business communication. For example, it can effectively manage customer care campaigns, sales campaigns, customer relationship management campaigns, etc. However, as mentioned earlier, it is restricted in functionality due to open source nature. On the other hand, competition and enterprise solutions empowered with trending technologies are increasing like anything.  For example, chatbots, unified communication, conversational AI, predictive AI, etc. are becoming household names in the VoIP industry. This has contributed to the increasing demand for tailored solutions.

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As VICIDial is an open source solution, it lacks all these advanced features. Therefore, you need to customize your open source call center solution. Moreover, you will need to develop new features. In short, a complete revamping of your contact center is possible with custom development and customization of VICIDial.

This blog post shares more details of VICIDial and custom development offered by a VICIDial expert. Learn how revamping this software can help you augment your business.

Let’s take a deep look at each of these points to comprehend this subject matter better. Moreover, this knowledge will help you make a better decision to revamp your call center. So without any further ado, let’s begin delving deeper.

Understanding Revamping of a Contact Center

Contact Center

Running a contact center is not difficult because everything required to set up a contact center is easily available. Moreover, open source solutions like VICIDial make everything more affordable. However, a really difficult job here is building a competitive contact center business that keeps growing. It definitely requires resources. However, it requires the right and precise resources. Moreover, it requires a strategy and vision to gain a competitive edge.

There are several contact centers that have been operating for several years. They use VICIDial and other resources to keep their operations going. However, these solutions might need to be updated. They need to revamp everything.

Revamping a contact center requires upgrading technology tools like software for call centers, a CRM system, a PC dialer, and more. It may also need to revamp its strategy, target market, sales targets, and more. In short, revamping a contact center indicates upgrading everything to make the contact center more competitive to keep achieving success milestones.

Understanding VICIDial Custom Development Services

As discussed earlier in this blog post, VICIDial is an open source call center solution. Therefore, it lacks some competitive features. Moreover, the VICIDial theme in its default form is vulnerable and has several concerns related to security. It keeps some backdoors open, which makes it easier for hackers and attackers to invade the system and damage your business in multiple ways. For example, a hacker can steal your information and make you bankrupt. Secondly, the hacker can damage your reputation, which would make it more difficult to recover from the losses or be successful in this industry with the damaged name.

VICIDial development services vary depending on the needs of your business. There are multiple types of custom development involved in revamping your contact center. Firstly, you can customize the VICIDial theme by using the VICIDial custom theme development service. This service will help you revamp your theme to have branded elements. Furthermore, it will remove those backdoors that could let attackers peep in and attack your business. Secondly, you can use custom development to develop custom features. Thirdly, you can add futuristic functionalities to your software by leveraging the power of trending technologies like AI, ML, and more. In short, the list of customization and custom development can go on depending on your business model, vision, and strategy for revamping your contact center.

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Role of a Development Company in Revamping the Contact Center

VICIDial Development Company

For custom development to revamp your contact center, you have multiple options.

  • Hire an in-house team of experts
  • Hire a freelancer or
  • Partner with a VICIDial development company

We cannot cover a comparison of all three options in this blog post by respecting your time. However, we would surely like to share the major advantages of partnering with a company. We would also like to explain the role of this company in revamping VICIDial and your contact center.

Strategy and Planning

A development company handles hundreds and thousands of projects related to revamping contact centers and call center solutions. Therefore, the company will have an abundance of knowledge and experience about the software, plus, the industry. As a result, you can take the inputs and recommendations from the company.

Professional Development and Customization

The company will have a team of experts that will provide any type of development and customization service. Whether you need an advanced feature available in other call center solutions or you are interested in building a never seen before module, your development company will have resources to meet your needs.

On-time delivery with “No” Excuse

Unlike an in-house team or a freelancer, the development company will have multiple experienced VICIDial developers in the team. Therefore, 99.99% of the time they deliver on time. Even if for any reason the resource working on your project cannot continue, the company will have a supplementary resource to finish your project on time.

Value Added Services

Your development company will also help you with consultation, UI and UX design, and several other services that you need on the go. Your development company will be your one-stop shop to provide all types of services and assistance that you need. This will save you time otherwise spent looking for other vendors. Moreover, it will save time and resources otherwise spent on multiple vendor management.

Glance at the VICIDial Development Process

VICIDial Development Process

A VICIDial development company will follow a strategic approach and professional process to complete your project. It will help you revamp your contact center precisely. Moreover, adding highly efficient functionalities in your VICIDial solution.

The development process will include the following steps:

Requirements Analysis

Firstly, the company will analyze your requirements and vision for the revamping of the contact center. Secondly, the company will provide suggestions. Finally, the scope of work will be locked.

Design and Customization

Based on the defined scope of work, the company will perform custom design and development. For example, VICIDial custom theme development is performed to design a custom theme and customize it to add your branding elements.

Development and Integration

Once the design part is completed, a VICIDial expert will start developing components, features, and other required functionalities. He will also integrate these newly developed features into your existing VICIDial solution.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Before delivering the developed and revamped solution, the quality assurance team will work on the testing and QA part. This will help in performing software testing to fix bugs and deliver a quality solution.


The last and most important step is deploying the enhanced and revamped VICIDial platform on your server or cloud. After deployment, the team will test the software for correct functioning.

Popular Customizations and Development in VICIDial

There are multiple types of customizations and development processes possible with the experienced team of VICIDial developers. Some of the most popular development and customization services are listed below:

  • CRM integration
  • AI-driven automation
  • Omnichannel or multichannel customer care module
  • Automated outbound telemarketing functionality
  • Customized reports and actionable analytics
  • And more

Concluding Note

In a nutshell, it is inevitable to revamp the contact center to match the pace of the growing competition. Moreover, your business must want to tap untapped opportunities by using the potential technical advantages and solutions. VICIDial has provided you with a powerful steppingstone to get started with your venture. However, you must not settle with its default theme and functionalities. You must invest in customization and custom development. As a result, you can meet your business goals faster and prosper your business even in this fiercely competitive industry.

We are one of the leading companies in this industry. We are renowned for our expertise and experience in customization and custom development for open source solutions, including, but not limited to VICIDial. To learn more about our VICIDial development services, contact us now!