As businesses are still fighting with the challenges caused by the world novel Coronavirus, the adoption of remote working models has increased. Customer care and other sorts of business communication needs are still crucial in businesses. This has increased the demand for contact center solutions, especially, a hosted call center solution.

As things are pretty dynamic, people are showing more interest in knowing the future of this type of contact center dialer software. Let’s explore major future predictions related to this platform.

1. Number of users of this platform will increase

The rented aka hosted contact center software has been in the industry for many years. However, with the increasing demand of digitization, remote operations, etc., the demand for call center dialer software has increased. As the cost of a rented platform is cheaper compared to the licensed system, more and more people have started using it and in the future, the number of users will increase drastically.

2. Remote operations will be at the peak

As the Coronavirus and other factors are increasing, many businesses have shifted their operations to the virtual environment. Moreover, the uncertainty of businesses increases puzzled customers, who are looking for reliable answers from the customer care team. This trend will keep increasing and this will contribute to the bright future of hosted call center solutions.

3.Creating a strong customer service cycle with omnichannel will be a basic need

For many years, international wholesale VoIP providers have been focusing on customer care. But, now it has become a necessity for all businesses in any industry. Moreover, due to increasing competition, businesses have started focusing on omnichannel customer care, which means on all modes of communication, customer care services will be delivered.

To deliver omnichannel customer care, using an omnichannel call center solution is necessary, which is expensive and not all businesses can afford to buy it. A hosted system can be a great boon here.

4. Agents need to be armed with everything they need

To deliver exceptional customer care, the agent needs the best tools in their arsenal. Traditional tools and systems can’t help them deliver the required results. This makes use of call center dialer software necessary. Due to the flexibility and cost benefits of a rented system, more and more businesses are likely to use it.


The hosted call center solution has been in the industry for many years, but the Coronavirus and increasing trends have increased its popularity. The proprietary call center solutions are quite expensive, so it’s not for all businesses. Unlike that, hosted systems can let businesses leverage the advantages of an omnichannel call center solution without making a hole in the pocket.

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