Providing the best quality of service is necessary for each call center. Thus, all call centers use nothing less than the best contact center software. This solution offers multiple features and in some cases, it has some integrated VoIP systems as well. One of the most vital tools for every call center is Live Call Monitoring Solution.

You may not find it in open source contact center solutions such as the WebRTC VICIDial system. In this case, you may need to integrate it into your open source call center dialer software. If you are using one of the top class call center solutions, you will have the most advanced call monitoring and call routing system integrated into the software itself.

Due to multiple reasons, a live call monitoring software system is an important tool that each call center needs along with a feature rich software call center.

1. It provides real time statistics to take prompt actions

Traditionally, contact center solutions used to provide historic reports. These reports include all major KPIs and data. The data shared in these reports are often overwhelming for supervisors. Also, it increases delays in taking appropriate actions such as training, software upgradation, coaching for performance enhancement, etc. Thus, important actions may go at a very slow pace.

Unlike that, a monitoring solution provides live performance statistics and system statistics within the screen of an inbound or outbound call center solution, so admin or supervisors can take quick and practical actions. This system is very useful in class 4/5 Softswitch software as well to take prompt actions and ensure the high quality of service offered by the VoIP providers.

2. It helps handle fraud calls in a better way

Similar to any industry, call centers, too, face fraud calls. There is no clear way to differentiate between a real caller and a fraud caller. This may increase call center fraud. The real time call monitoring software can help here to prevent fraud calls. Some cloud contact center solutions also provide a VoIP fraud detection system integrated within the software call center to reduce call center frauds.

3. It provides live performance statistics to coach agents in real time

The success of any call center is defined by the improving performance and productivity of its agents. The best contact center dialer solutions are used in call centers to boost agent performance and productivity. Along with providing a world class call center solution, it is also necessary to monitor agent performance in real time and take the required action to coach him or her. A feature rich real time call monitoring software system can help here.


In a nutshell, Live Call Monitoring Solution is an inseparable tool for modern call centers. The competition is getting fierce and the demands and expectations of customers are increasing. In this case, taking instant actions to win customers’ hearts and boost agent morale is necessary. It can be done by using a call monitoring system integrated into the best call center software.

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