You can find an array of auto-dialers and auto dialing software. Even in the best call center software solutions, you will find auto and manual dialer features. The dialing system with the right feature can help you enhance agent productivity and efficiency. On the contrary, the wrong one can make your growth KPIs drop.

Your dialer must have some of the major and most important features to provide you with expected results and returns.

1. Automated dialing

It is a common feature, which is usually found in contact center solutions. But, you can also find a manual dialing system in the call center dialer software. It is necessary to ensure that you have the following features in your automated dialing software for contact centers:

  • Find the next contact details from the database or list
  • Dial the lead numbers automatically
  • Route the call to the right agent

2. Lead segmentation

Dialing systems like a predictive dialer must have features to segment leads based on different criteria to increase results. From finding the right time to call a customer to making effective use of resources can be assured with this feature.

3. Detect unreachable contacts

The best predictive dialing system will have this feature and it is a must have feature in the outbound call center solution to improve agent efficiency. It can detect an answering machine, IVR solution, busy tones, out of service numbers, etc. Along with detection, it must also jump to the next number to keep agents productive.

4. Call logs

The call center dialer system is responsible for not only automated dialing and calling, but also logging all calls. These logs have to be provided in call detail reports (CDR).

5. Retry logic

If this feature of a call center solution fails to reach out to the contact, it must attempt to connect with that person again. It is a very important feature to ensure a high connection rate.

6. Callback 

The contact center solutions provide a callback option using one of the best IVR solutions. The progressive dialing system must provide the feature to add the lead at the top of the queue to call the person that has requested a callback.

7. Reports and insight

This software call center must provide reports of numbers that are dialed and reached out. It must also show other KPIs to provide the required insight to supervisors and admin.


The dialer software or feature of an outbound call center solution helps in saving a lot of time for agents. From standard features of auto dialing to detection of voicemail, prioritizing lead calling, and multiple other features are important to have. These features will help you pace up your outbound campaigns. Check all these features with your business VoIP provider to ensure you don’t miss out on any.

Leveraging the power of this call center technology can help you reach more people and maximize the overall performance of your call center and agents.

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