All businesses seek opportunities to grow and thrive in the competitive world. For this, they make several decisions, from embarking on new ventures to empowering the current ones. Technology plays a pivotal role in this journey and it is necessary to invest in the right technology. Early adoption of the right tools might be risky, but it gives a great competitive advantage. Some businesses wait until the technology gets matured before investing in it. That strategy reduces the risk and ensures better ROI with a lower competitive advantage as everyone else might be using that technology. The worst thing would be restraining from investing in technology even if the technology has already matured. CRM integrated call center solution or call center CRM integration is a mature technology and one must invest in it if the company is using a call center solution. 

In this article, we will cover the pointing points: 

  1.       What is a CRM integrated call center solution?
  2.       What is call center CRM integration?
  3.       What are the top reasons to invest in CRM call center integration?
  4.       Top reasons to use the integration of CRM and call center software from Inextrix
  5.       Concluding notes

As we are going to discuss this topic in detail, it is necessary to delve deeper to understand all vital aspects before you make a decision. However, if you have already finished your research, you can get in touch with us to discuss your requirements related to the integration of a CRM system and a call center system.

1. What is a CRM integrated call center solution?

Integration of a CRM System and a Call Center System

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is vital in many businesses as it gives the required features and modules to map the whole customer journey. Along with recording customer data, it can also be used to communicate with customers via email or the CRM system itself. 

On the other hand, a contact center solution is used as the point of interaction between the customer and the agent. It is used to establish a strong bond with customers by delivering jaw dropping customer experience. 

As CRM solutions are gaining so much fame, call center software providers have started offering contact center software with integrated CRM solutions, which is known as CRM integrated call center software. It means a call center dialer system will have an integrated CRM solution. 

A CRM system is huge and it is not possible to include all of its features while offering an integrated CRM system to the dialer user. However, the providers often include the top features and modules in the system. Thus, the CRM version you receive would be a mini CRM system.

2. What is call center CRM integration?

It is quite different from a CRM integrated call center solution. The user will have a call center system and a CRM platform as two standalone platforms. The provider will integrate both of these systems using API integration to provide some of the major features of one system into another. It means the features of the customer relationship management solution will be available in the call center dialer and vice versa. 

Both call center and CRM solutions can be still used as standalone systems, but they can also be used as a unified and powerful platform to better lead routine customer care, sales, and other operations.

3. What are the top reasons to invest in CRM call center integration?

If you have not yet invested in integrating CRM and call center solutions and still wondering whether it is worth it or not, here are the top reasons to invest in it. 

Synchronize data 

The integration of these two systems will help in synchronizing data and aid in keeping the accurate copy of records in both systems. Some forms of integration automatically update records in another system, if there is any change made in any one of the solutions. In some integration models, the provider helps you push data changes or export recently uploaded data to another system with a mouse click. This ensures that both systems would have recent and accurate data to use. 

Improve customer experience 

During a live call, agents can have an accurate copy of the records. Moreover, the dialer system will provide access to more detailed information about the customer during a live call by fetching it from the CRM system. This gives a better perspective about a client, his behavioral pattern, etc. to the agent, so the agent can deliver better and faster responses to the customer queries. This helps in improving customer experience. 

Increase agent productivity 

Each call center invests thousands of dollars in hiring skilled agents and in sharpening their skills by giving them the required training. This investment often intends to increase the productivity of agents individually and in general. With the right technology, the productivity of agents can be boosted even further. The integration of CRM and call center solutions is one of the investments in technology that increases productivity. It eliminates the need of making double entries of a single customer record, one in the CRM system and another in the call center software. This can save a lot of time for agents doing the same thing. This helps in increasing agent productivity. 

Improve major KPIs 

Each call center or business focuses on improving certain key performance indicators (KPIs) such as first call resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction rate (CSAT), net promoter score, etc. Access to the right data, reduced tedious workload, access to customer insight, and more made available with the CRM call center integration help agents focus on the bull’s eye. This helps in improving all major KPIs as now call centers have a perfect blend of human-machine intelligence. 

Boost the morale of agents 

As the agents deliver the best customer experience with the help of the integrated solution, this will boost their morale and confidence. The major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will also be increased dramatically, which will give a boost to the agents. 

Increase ROI 

The integration based system will boost productivity, so the same team can handle more calls and deliver even better services. That means they can convert more goals. In addition to that, this integrated system will help in delivering exceptional customer experience, which will increase customer retention rate. Your business will receive a steady revenue stream from happy customers. Moreover, your existing team can be used to generate more sales by running new lead generation campaigns or selling more to existing clients with cross-selling and upselling options. This will further fuel revenue generation. On the other hand, it will reduce expenses as the integrated system reduces manual efforts. This increase returns over investment (ROI).

4. Top reasons to use the integration of CRM and call center software from Inextrix

Top 5 Reasons to Use Call Center CRM Integration from Inextrix

As now you understand the worth of CRM call center integration, let us share why we, Inextrix Technologies, are the best technology partner to achieve this: 

Rich experience in call center integration 

We have been meeting ends for businesses for more than 12 years now. The call center is one of the major industry verticals that have been catered to by our experience. We also have strong experience in integrating different APIs and software with contact center software. Thus, integration of CRM and call center software is our specialization. Whether you use a proprietary solution or an open source system like VICIDial, we can provide CRM integration service with it. We can integrate any CRM with a dialer system such as vTiger, Zoho, Salesforce, SuiteCRM, SugarCRM, etc. 

Rich experience in CRM and call center software development 

We have expertise not only in integrating CRM and contact center software but also expertise in developing call center and CRM platforms. Development experience has given us a better insight into these software solutions. Thus, we can also provide the required customization services along with integration. In fact, if you need any out of the box features, we can help you achieve those as well. 

Transparent services 

We believe in delivering client centric services and a transparent working model. We keep everything well documented in the proposal and scope of work document that we furnish to the client before commencing the project to keep customers aware of what is covered. Our transparent work approach can aid in leading the whole integration process. 

Cost effective rates 

We are renowned for the competitive rates of our services. This can help you leverage high ROI benefits. 

Additional support 

Along with the integration of a CRM system and a call center system, we can also provide any additional support you need such as migration of data, customization of some features, adding click to call functionality, and more.

5. Concluding notes

In a nutshell, the integration of CRM and call center solutions can bestow several advantages to the business using these two systems. Even if you are not using these solutions, you can use this software with integration to revolutionize your customer experience campaigns. 

We have extensive experience in dealing with a CRM solution and a call center system, plus, integration. Our expertise in offering integration services makes us the right partner for your call center integration project. 

If you are looking for any further information about call center CRM integration services, contact us.  

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