Automation is preferred by businesses as it reduces the time taken and boosts the performance of a task. Automation is the reason why predictive dialer is quite popular in call centers. If done correctly and managed properly, automation can raise productivity by 300%, reduce idle time for agents and reduce call handling time. And as time is money, predictive dialer helps save more money. The intelligent call center software uses AI-powered predictive dialer to achieve brand success with ease.

Better lead management

It’s a competitive environment where the aim is to reach the target before the competition does. A call center solution not providing predictive dialer is already lagging far behind its competition. Typically, an intelligent call center software is tied into a backend CRM that stores and captures data about existing as well as new customers. All the leads are stored together in one place with a complete history of when and where it was stored. Tieing this with sticky agent call routing and WevRTC, and see it doing wonders.

Agent performance increases, brand image improves

The smart predictive dialer can detect whether the call is answered by a human or if it is going to an answering machine. It can also predict the best time to place a call that will eventually result in a call going through, rather than it getting terminated without any conclusion. Also, automatic call distribution helps in evenly distributing work to available agents, hence reducing idle time and stress on a few agents.

Optimal contact times

Since it is an AI-based, predictive dialer may come with some self-learning features such as choosing the leads most likely to result in a conversion and timing the call right. The intelligent call center software can prioritize calls to leads that are ready for conversion just to get the job done and preventing the client from going somewhere else.

Reduction in costs

If included in the call center solution, the predictive dialer can act as almost like a secretary to the agents. It can help complete the maximum calls in a minimum amount of time. This decreases the time for each call which eventually lowers the cost.

Happy agents, better-performing agents

Predictive dialer helps agents to avoid fruitless calls which give the agents a sense of achievement with higher conversions. Happy agents perform better and play a crucial part in building brand image.

The amalgamation of in and out

A call center is made to handle both inbound as well as outbound calls. Predictive dialer along with intelligent call center software will work both ways, irrespective of the nature of the call. The predictive dialer can distribute the calls, whether it is an inbound or an outbound call, to the agents. This ensures a faster, efficient, and responsive process that makes the customer happy. It also helps to take the brand image forward.

The present-day call center solution may not be top-notch, but integrating a predictive dialer with call center software may lead to results that will help the business in the longer run.

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