The call center solutions are developed to provide features that can reduce the pain points of customers and increase their satisfaction and happiness. The call center solution industry keeps on evolving to add new features to meet above mentioned two goals. One of the recent innovations of the industry is an intelligent call center software that comes up with a wide array of features. One of the features available in advanced and intelligent call center solutions is “Sticky Agent”. This feature contributes to increasing customer satisfaction. In this article, you will learn how this happens.

What is sticky agent?

Before getting into details of its utilities and pros, let’s first understand what the sticky agent is.

It is a call routing rule which hands over aka routes the calls of the same customer to the same agent every time he calls in. This characteristic of this feature increases customer satisfaction.

Let’s now explore how this happens:

No need to repeat the same issue

Sometimes, some customers face the same issue due to various reasons. One of the most common ones is the lack of knowledge. Sometimes, it also happens that some issues can’t get resolved within the first call. Generally, the agent calls back or sends an acknowledgment once the problem of the customer is resolved. However, some customers are impatient and they call multiple times to take follow ups. In any other call routing method, the customer gets connected with a different agent each time he calls and that is why he has to repeat himself every time. This increases the frustration level of the customer. On the other hand, sticky agent will route the call to the same agent. Thus, the customer doesn’t need to repeat himself all the time.

Reduces call hold time

Generally, the call centers are busy with a bunch of calls and that is why each customer has to wait for 30 seconds to 10 minutes, in some cases, to connect with an agent. You can see they have already waited quite long. Now, when they get connected with the agent, often, an agent puts the customer on hold to check the information and to get the solution. This again builds up a frustration level in the customer. The sticky agent feature reduces the call hold time. The same agent handles the same customer and that’s why he is often aware of the case history and knows more than what is written in the disposition. Thus, he can quickly answer queries of the customer without much call hold or call transfer.

Quicken the process

As mentioned earlier, the same agent is aware of the case and the status of the customer grievance and that is why he doesn’t need to dig deeper to get the answer. He can quickly answer the questions of the customer or in fact, resolve the issue within the first call.

These are the top 3 ways the “Sticky Agent” feature of the call center software helps agents to cater to customers in a better way and ultimately increase their satisfaction. There are many more features furnished with the intelligent call center software to increase customer satisfaction. Contact us to know more about it.