The success of a call center depends on various things and one of the most important contributors is the productivity of the agent. The agents’ productivity often depends on the experience of the agent as well as the way a call center management treats the agents. In this article, I will share the top 5 tips you can follow in order to increase the productivity of your agents.

1. Give them a supportive work environment

Call center agents often deal with a lot of pressure of target and live a very stressful life while handling angry customers. This actually negatively affects their performance and productivity. Thus, call centers have to invest in boosting their morale. The call centers have to have a friendly team of supervisors and a happy work environment. Also, they can provide some breaks or recreation time with activities to rejuvenate agents to perform well.

2. Provide automation options

The call centers understand that the skills of the agents should be used in handling calls instead of doing tedious tasks like manual call dialing or writing long dispositions or greeting customers with a long speech. Many call centers already have the call center software to support their agents. This is not it! The call centers need to upgrade the technologies, tools, and solutions. The latest and in-trend type of call center solution is intelligent call center software. It automates many tasks of the agents to reduce call load and increase the productivity of the agents.

3. Coach in real-time and offline

All call centers provide occasional or frequent training, but the agents also need personalized training. The intelligent call center software provides live dashboards and other live statistics and features that can be used to monitor the performance of agents in real-time. Based on the collected information or ongoing monitoring, the supervisors can check the performance of the agents and help them in real-time with whisper feature or by providing one to one training after the call.

4. Appreciate and Reward

Everyone needs the motivation to excel in his / her job and agents are not an exception at all. Provide positive feedback, appreciate in front of the team or reward with some exciting gifts or vouchers can be great gestures to motivate the team to do good work. Make clear rules and policies to define standards of work that can make them earn rewards. This will give them a clear goal to achieve and also avoid office politics.

5. Cultivate multiple skills

Generally, in the call center, some groups of agents have certain skills and other groups are master in other skills. This is fine in many cases and no harm at all of having multiple skilled groups of masters, but you also need masters of all on some occasions. The call centers can invest their time to review agent statistics and performance reports to identify the weak skills of the agents and arrange training sessions for them. You may not make everyone experts in all, but there will be some shining stars for sure that will master all skills and deliver impressive performance.

These are the top 5 tips you can follow to cultivate an empowering environment that will help in increasing productivity.

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