We the iCallify – Call Center Solutions are extremely thrilled and ecstatic while sharing this news with all of you. We are launching the spanking new brand identity for Inextrix. For more than 11 years, we have been catering to our global customers with the same brand elements.

In the past 11 years, we have catered to more than 425 customers across 50 different countries in the world. We have successfully completed more than 720 projects. While telecom software development has been our core focus, we have also served customers with our client centric web, mobile app, UI/UX design, and development service.

As change is the only constant thing, we have decided to launch a new brand identity that will reflect our brand with our vision, mission, and passion.

What’s going to change?


We have come up with a brand new logo representing different aspects:

  • It has a gradient effect and vibrant colors, which define the current trends and how we match the pace with the latest trends.
  • It has a greater than sign, which is the first thing we write down to start coding in telecom software or any other software solution in a majority of coding languages. This sign shows our versatility in different coding platforms and languages.
  • Our logo has some dots coming together to make a full curve greater than the sign. It depicts two things. At first, it shows the versatility of offerings that we have in different areas, from call center software as a product to mobile app development, VICIDial customization, PC dialer, and more. We combine the power of different technologies and offer the best products and solutions to our clients. It also shows the diversity of skills and talent we have in our team. Each individual is coming together with his or her own expertise and making the united team of Inextrix.

Brand colors

  • We will have more vibrant colors without leaving our core brand identity colors. All our branding elements will have these new vibrant colors with gradient effects.
  • These new brand elements will not only serve as a visual delight to our users, customers, and website visitors, but they will also reflect our attitude of adopting the latest trends to keep our clients ahead of time and competition.

What’s not going to change?

All we are going to change is our visual identity. Other than that, everything else will stay the same. We will hold the same approach, passion, and attitude to cater to our clients with the best in the industry service and the most competitive Call Center Solutions and VoIP calling solutions like call routing system, IVR system, call monitoring software, omnichannel call center solution, desktop dialer, etc.

Our mission and vision will be the same, which aims to empower all scaled and sized businesses with next generation telecom solutions.


We are here with a new brand identity, but with the same client centric attitude. We are excited to delight our clients, not only with exceptional products and services, but also with a world class brand identity.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section or by filling in this form about our new brand identity.