The call center solutions are built with exceptional features to give a boost to each business aspect. As we all know sales is one of the major and most crucial parts of any business, it is necessary to understand the role of the contact center software in improving sales. Software for call centers offers multiple features and auto dialer solutions are the most effective ones for increasing sales. The progressive dialer is one of the features available in advanced software for contact centers that can indeed accelerate sales.

What is a progressive dialer?

It is an auto dialer, which dials numbers in a progressive manner one by one. Unlike predictive dialer software, it doesn’t dial numbers in advance. It dials the next number only when an agent shows availability to take the next sales call. This auto dialer can either be one of the features available in the best call center solutions or an independent dialer system.

How does a progressive dialer accelerate sales?

Increase productivity 

This feature of the best software for call centers eliminates the need to manually dial the numbers. It means agents don’t need to spend time checking and dialing numbers from the database one by one. This helps in saving time of agents that can be used in having more sales calls with prospective customers. The automation introduced by the dialer software increases productivity.

Increases efficiency

As the whole process is automated by this amazing system, there is no chance of manmade errors in outbound call center services targeting sales campaigns. There will not be errors like wrong numbers dialed, a number got skipped, etc.

All this helps in increasing the efficiency of outbound campaigns and increasing sales.

Improves sales conversations 

The progressive dialer system gives enough time to agents as it gives a gap between two calls while it is fetching and dialing the next numbers. This gives enough space for the agents to be mentally prepared for the next sales calls. This will help in handling sales calls more professionally and efficiently. In addition to that, the outbound call center solutions provide other features like call script, disposition history, Soundboard Avatars, etc. that can help agents to improve sales conversations and increase sales.


In conclusion, the dialer, whether it is available as a feature in one of the call center solutions or if it is an independent progressive dialer software solution, is a perfect tool to offer outbound call center services. Cold calling for lead generation and sales, as well as, telemarketing is a common campaign demanded from outbound call center companies. Using the best tools like the outbound progressive dialer can help in increasing results as explained in this article.

A feature rich omnichannel contact center solution will have multiple other features along with this auto dialing feature.

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