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social media integration in contact center

Contact centers usually focus on customer support and customer care campaigns. The main mode of communication in contact centers is voice calls. Even in the 21st century, voice calls have been the major mode of communication to listen to the customer queries and concerns and providing them the required support and satisfactory responses. 

As technology is moving fast, customer habits have also started shifting. The more communication channels have started adding up. Customers have been demanding the best customer support via different communication channels. This is the reason businesses have started adding omnichannel communication into the intelligent call center software.

Social media platforms have been an influencing factor in customer support these days. Many customers choose to write a negative review or request support on Facebook or Twitter to grab the attention of the customer support team. Regardless of whether a company is active on social media platforms or not, customers are likely to share their experiences on one or more social networking sites.

Due to the increasing popularity of social media platforms and the increasing demand for support through social media platforms, it has become necessary for contact centers to add social media as one of the communication channels. 

How to integrate social media in contact centers?

The simplest way for contact centers to add social media platforms into the contact center would be to integrate social media platforms into their intelligent contact center software. Technically, one needs to go through the process of getting social media APIs to integrate them into the intelligent call center software. This can be a complicated process as many steps need to be followed. You must have technical knowledge of integrating APIs into the intelligent call center software. Moreover, you must have access to the code of an intelligent call center software solution.

Another simpler way of integrating social media in your contact center by integrating it into the intelligent call center software is taking the help of your software providers. For example, if you are using iCallify: intelligent call center software, then you can take help from Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The expert developers of the intelligent call center software will integrate social media platform APIs and make all the required customization and configurations for you. 

Once the integration process completes, contact centers can use the social media platforms within the intelligent call center software. Agents with the required access will be able to see DMs sent to the Facebook page or mentions of a contact center on the Twitter platform without leaving the screen of intelligent call center software. They will be able to access major features of popular social media sites within the intelligent call center software. This will make sure they do not need to use multiple platforms such as social media sites and intelligent call center software.

This makes an easy integration of different social media platforms into the contact center.

We offer integration of major social media platforms into iCallify. Contact us for more details.

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