We are excited to share that a representative of our company, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, participated in ClueCone weekly, which is hosted by SignalWire in 2021.

ClueCon Developers Conference, more popularly known as CluecCon, is one of the renowned conferences and events in the VoIP industry. It is usually held offline to give a platform to VoIP and telecom professionals to get on the same stage and network with each other and learn from experts. The ClueCon weekly is part of this well known event, which is conducted virtually. The representative of SignalWire, Mr. Luca Pradovera, interviewed Mr. Arpit Modi. Arpit Modi represented Inextrix in this interview. He is the co-founder and director of our company.

In the interview, Arpit had answered multiple questions asked by Luca to give insightful knowledge to the viewers of the ClueCon weekly. Different exciting questions are answered by Arpit in this 27 minute long video interview. Arpit has shared his insight with his 13+ years of experience in the VoIP and telephony industry. He has been giving back to the open source community along with his partner Mr. Samir Doshi by maintaining one of the leading open source solutions, namely, ASTPP. Arpit has unveiled some really interesting facts by answering questions of Luca in the ClueCon Weekly, which will help many VoIP companies and other organizations to grab some growth opportunities. Most importantly, this interview shares the strength of the most advanced call center solution, called iCallify.

iCallify is an intelligent call center software solution that is developed by Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. As per the details shared by Arpit in his ClueCon interview, this software is used by global customers. The clientele of iCallify include:

  • Banks
  • BPOs
  • KPOs
  • Pharmacy companies
  • Hospitals
  • And more

From 5 seats to 2000 seats of this software is in use by customers across the globe. This software is built using some trending and mature technologies such as Asterisk, Python, PHP, Lua, WebRTC, etc. This software is pretty popular in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, Africa, and more. It also has some users in India. 

As per the shared details in one of the questions answered by Arpit, customers have been demanding and software provider companies like Inextrix need to keep on evolving and upgrading the feature list and other functional capabilities of the software. iCallify is a fully functional, omnichannel contact center software that has been catering to the customers to increase their sales and growth needs. It also works amazingly well for taking care of customer service and customer care campaigns.

Arpit also discussed the influence of artificial intelligence on the software industry by giving an example of sentiment analysis, which is the next thing Inextrix is exploring to benefit iCallify users.

In his interview, Arpit uncovered many interesting facts related to the VoIP industry, open source solutions, Inextrix, and its major products. You can watch the complete video of this interview, below