The market size of VoIP and mobile has dramatically increased in the past decade. There are so many users that have not only adopted smart devices but now smartphones and devices have become an inseparable part of their lives. The voice over IP applications has been enhancing business communication by targeting a niche market. But, now it has started paving its way to the mainstream market to cater to all types of users. This has forked several business opportunities for mobile app development companies and VoIP development companies. Tech companies and giants have taken a step ahead to amalgamate the power of mobile and VoIP to build mobile VoIP solutions. 

Sounds interesting? 

Let’s delve deeper by covering the following points: 

  1. What is a mobile VoIP solution? 
  2. How to build a mobile VoIP application? 
  3. Who can develop a mobile VoIP app? 
  4. How to start a mobile VoIP business? 
  5. Concluding notes 

We will cover insightful details to help you conceive and grow your business as a successful mobile VoIP company. 

1. What is a mobile VoIP solution?

It is a hybrid solution that is built by blending the technical features and capabilities of mobile and VoIP development. A solution, which can be used as a mobile app and has features and benefits of VoIP, is a mobile VoIP solution. 

A mobile VoIP business is a firm that invests in the development of mobile VoIP apps and maintains these apps. The company constantly invests in the development, growth, scalability, and innovation of these apps to continuously scale up its business and ROI (Returns over Investment). 

2. How to build a mobile VoIP application?

This is a technical question and can include crash courses to detailed courses on mobile app development and VoIP development. There are plenty of companies offering training and certification programs to learn the development of mobile apps and VoIP solutions, but you need to learn from the company that offers mobile VoIP solution development such as Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. For more details, get in touch. 

Mobile VoIP Solution

Now, let’s just keep the technical details aside and focus on the business aspect. There are three ways to build a mobile VoIP app as briefly explained hereunder. 

Build an app from scratch 

The first available option is to use mobile app development services to build your dream mobile application. Moreover, you also need to invest in Asterisk or FreeSWITCH development services or any other specific VoIP development services to build your app that covers the features and functionalities of your mobile VoIP idea. 

This can be innovative and never seen before concept or it can be the same idea with better UI and UX and some added features. 

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Use open source solutions 

Mobile VoIP solutions are available as an open source such as a mobile SIP dialer app. It is a classic example of blended mobile and VoIP technologies. It is a smartphone app built by mobile app development companies in India and worldwide. Moreover, it also has VoIP based calling and instant messaging facility. 

There are several open source mobile and VoIP solutions available. The top VoIP development companies can help you with their setup, white labeling, configurations, and integration services to blend the power of mobile and VoIP to develop reliable mobile VoIP applications for your business to take the right start. 

Augment the functionality of an existing app 

The third and final option is to augment the application with VoIP functionalities. Several mobile app development companies already have successful mobile applications for their consumer base. They can augment the functionality, reach, and worth of these apps by simply adding VoIP features to this app. The top VoIP software development companies can develop added features to augment the existing app and add more revenue generating options. 

These are the major three options to build a mobile VoIP app to launch a mobile VoIP company. Depending on the budget, vision, and other driving factors, you can choose any one or more options to launch your own business. 

3. Who can develop a mobile VoIP app?

If you are asking technically, then the answer is companies that have been offering mobile app development, plus, Asterisk or FreeSWITCH development services and other VoIP development services, can develop a mobile VoIP system to help you kick-start your journey in this industry. It is necessary that the company has expertise and experience in both mobile and VoIP. You can check the portfolio of the company to judge the expertise. 

From a business point of view, anyone with the required passion, vision, and budget can embark on the journey of a successful mobile VoIP business. 

4. How to start a mobile VoIP business?

Here is a stepwise guide to starting your own business in this lucrative industry. 

Devise the concept of business 

To commence business in this industry, the first thing you need to identify is your battleground. As explained in section 3, you can choose any one or more options to choose your business model and concept. You can either use mobile VoIP solution development from scratch or you can build the system with open source solutions. Alternatively, adding VoIP features to the mobile app is another option to initiate your journey in this industry. You can also decide what features you want in your app. Whether you want a consultation app such as a doctor consultation app, mobile SIP dialer app, call shop solution, callback system, calling card solution, PBX communication solution, and more, you can get it developed. 

Along with the app concept, you will also need to decide the target country, audience, the problem you want to solve with your app, and other aspects to clear out your business vision. This will help you take further actions and steps. 

Get the mobile VoIP software or app 

Once you are ready with the concept and plan, you can take help from one of the VoIP and/ or mobile app development companies in India for technical help. The company will help you develop features, functionalities, and complete the technical aspect. They can also provide you with the required guidance and consultation for infrastructure setup and other technical aspects. With the right experience with the company, you can leverage the advantage of their business experience. 

You might be thinking that to run a business in this industry, you may need only a mobile app, but you will also need a backend software app to manage features, customers, and other aspects of the business. 

Setup the infrastructure and marketing landscape 

Once your software and mobile app are ready, you have to set up the infrastructure. You can take the help of the VoIP software development company for installation and setup of the software with the right deployment method and architecture. The system has to be scalable, robust, and secure. You can first consult with your technology partner to discuss the plan and how things will be managed successfully. You may need to get physical space, hardware, and other infrastructure items. By keeping benefits and trends in mind, you can also use cloud hosting to enhance advantages and overcome the major challenges of having a physical infrastructure setup. 

Along with the software, you will also need to build your marketing landscape, which includes, a marketing business website, marketing material like brochures, flyers, business cards, marketing emails, and more. You must invest in the right digital marketing and content writing resources as your website and other marketing platforms will build the first impression of your business and as we know the first impression is the last impression. Your existing VoIP or mobile app development company can help you with digital marketing services, too. 

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Generate leads 

Once the setup of your mobile VoIP system and marketing material is ready, you need to focus on lead generation as ultimately you need business and revenue. You can use organic marketing activities, run referral programs, offer giveaways, participate in international trade shows and expos, affiliate with other businesses, etc. You can use any of these techniques or use your own creative marketing campaigns to generate and convert leads. 

Be excellent with customer support 

Onboarding the first client and then more clients on an ongoing basis is a great feeling, but an even better feeling is retaining these clients. Even if the mobile VoIP industry is emerging and there is not too fierce competition at the moment, the competition is still there. You have to retain your clients and revenue stream to continue growth and development. For this, setting up the right customer support strategy and the team is a must. You can also set up the best call center software to enhance your customer support level. 

Concluding notes

In conclusion, setting up a business in the mobile VoIP industry is a strategic process. You will need a technical and strategic partner. You can define your plan and then your partner can back you up with the expertise. 

We have helped several startups to embark on their journey with different mobile and VoIP, plus, mobile VoIP solutions. Let’s connect and discuss your requirements and how we can help you. To initiate the discussion, contact us. 

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