Over the past two decades, the VoIP industry has witnessed drastic changes in the industry and one of the major ones is the exponential growth of VoIP based solutions. VoIP development and the number of VoIP development companies have also increased in the past decade to leverage the power of this booming industry. Small to large scaled businesses have started adopting VoIP and its applications and more businesses are joining this growing list of happy VoIP users. Technologies and technical inventions are also focusing on the growth and expansion of the VoIP industry. All these factors make it necessary to keep track of major changes happening in this industry and explore the top trends that are likely to pave their way in the telecommunication industry in 2023. 

Top Trends of VoIP Telecommunication Industry 2023

1. Increased adoption of 5G

From 2G to 5G, the telecommunication industry took time to reach this new milestone. The major milestone was surpassed by the telecom industry in 1991 with the adoption of the 2G network. Since then, high bandwidth internet networks have been invented and the governments of different countries and enterprises across the nations have adopted the advancements in the internet. In 2019, officially the 5G network was introduced and in 2023, it has become definitive that more and more countries are 5G ready.

Some countries have already started using the power of this high bandwidth internet network and some countries like South Africa are getting their infrastructure ready. The good news is in 2023, 5G will be one of the major trends adopted by several telecommunication companies and consumers. The VoIP service providers will need to adopt 5G ready VoIP solutions. The VoIP software development companies will need to develop their VoIP software solutions by keeping 5G in the central focus.

2. Increased influence of WebRTC

WebRTC has proven its worth as one of the most flexible VoIP development technologies. It also complements SIP. It can help streamline operations and communication while used independently or while used along with any other VoIP technologies. There are so many browsers that have started supporting this platform for building real time communication platforms. Thus, with the help of VoIP development experts, any type of communication solution can be built. As the support for this technology and its applications are increasing, there will be many businesses that will adopt WebRTC based communication solutions. This will increase the influence and trend of WebRTC in the VoIP industry.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take over

Artificial Intelligence in VoIP DevelopmenT

If we say that AI has taken over, then it is definitely not an exaggeration. There are several industry verticals that are highly influenced and empowered by this smart technology and VoIP is definitely not left untouched. For VoIP developers, there are so many applications and libraries made available by artificial intelligence and machine learning companies. Already several VoIP development companies have adopted AI and integrated them into their VoIP solutions and development methodologies. 

Chatbots in customer service centers are the classic examples of AI in VoIP. Conversational AI is one of the areas that have been growing in leaps and bounds and VoIP based customer care software use this AI tool at its best to help businesses like call centers, customer care centers, BPOs, etc. to boost their performance and customer satisfaction rate. 

Voice recognition tools, speech to text converters, word detection software, recommendation engines, smart call routing, and so many other applications of AI have already made their way to the VoIP industry. AI developers are still working on identifying more areas to augment VoIP applications with the smartness of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the companies offering VoIP development services are looking for possible opportunities to implement more smart features by harnessing the power of AI. These are going to be top trends.

4. Number portability will become a buzz

Number portability has been one of the major services offered by the top VoIP service providers. As people have started getting more closely connected with the world via their mobile phones, their phone numbers have started becoming an asset that they don’t want to lose. They are connected to the professional and personal world with these numbers. Thus, mobile number portability has become one of the major trends and it will continue in 2023 as well.

As the use of VoIP services for communication has increased, the demand for number portability will also increase. The good news is VoIP development experts have already covered this demand in the virtual number management platform. Thus, the increasing demand for VoIP number portability can be served with ease. Of course, there can be some evolutions in this industry as well, but the rest of the things would continue to expand in this trend.

5. Cybersecurity and VoIP theft issues will rise

No doubt about it, right? When the number of consumers increases, the attackers increase as well. The USA based companies using one or more VoIP solutions are already experiencing different security attacks like phishing, system misconfigurations, stolen records, network intrusion, inadvertent disclosure, and more. 

There are some notorious attacks in the VoIP industry that are often faced by VoIP developers offering technical support. Some of them are DoS, DDoS, robocalls, and one of the most popular ones of 2022 is STIR/SHAKEN. As per the experts, major threats will still bother VoIP providers. The good news is VoIP software development companies have already developed several amazing security tools and software to provide the required security to the VoIP network, data traversing into it, and customers using these services. The service providers just need to implement these solutions correctly. 

Concluding notes 

Technology trends may change dynamically every year and even every now and then. However, it is necessary to be updated about the major VoIP trends to match pace with the shifting technology influence, customer demands, and other driving factors. This article has covered five major telecommunication trends in 2023 that will overpower the VoIP industry. 

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