The call center solution offers a wide array of features to benefit the call centers and businesses that use it. One of the most useful features available in advanced and / or intelligent call center software is the live call monitoring. Some call center solutions offer a basic live call view to the supervisors. While some provide more detailed view of the live activities in the call center solution such as, ringing calls, missed calls, calls in the queue, active calls, calls on hold, call duration, etc. Furthermore, the intelligent call center software provides multiple live dashboards to show different data in real time. This type of call center software also provides features to take control of any ongoing call. One can realize that the live data is very important, but many don’t know how to use this data effectively. Worry not in this article I will share more details on how to use the potential of this live data available in the call center solutions.

First of all, take a look at the live data

I understand the supervisors have many jobs to take care of, but controlling the call quality and assuring the best productivity is also the job of the supervisors. Any tools can be useful only if it is used. Thus, each supervisor must spend at least 2-3 hours reviewing the live activities. It is not necessary that you need to keep checking it for 2 hours in constant. You can do it in bits and pieces, but the important thing is you must invest time on it.

Quantity is important

Checking the live data while a few calls are going on or a majority of them are reaching voicemails due to odd timing is not that useful. You must choose a time when you can get data in bulk. It means the best time to supervise the live data is when you have more volume of calls. At the peak hours, you can get more data from many concurrent calls which help you identify some patterns. These patterns can be used to improve the performance of the campaign and the call centers. The supervisors can also review the usage of resources. For example, the agents which are slow in taking calls after filling in the disposition or the agents which are idle for long time or the agents taking too long in wrapping up the call need extra review and training. All these can be possible with live data review more effectively than reviewing massive reports later.

Take control

As mentioned earlier, the intelligent call center software provides the feature of taking control of the call. The supervisor can listen to the call as well as start talking with the customer by removing agent or hang up the call. This helps in many ways to maintain good customer satisfaction ratio.

The live call monitoring and control is very useful. It must be there in the call center solution. If it is not there in your call center software, you can get it integrated and we can help you with this. Alternatively, you can also buy our feature rich, intelligent call center software. For more details, contact us.