Since launch, iCallify has been in the news; sometimes for its amazing range of features and sometimes for increasing demand for it. This intelligent call center solution has come again to hit the headlines because today is the launch of iCallify Version 1.2.

To refresh your memory, iCallify was launched in May 2019, In July 2019, the first version of this intelligent call center software was released which had some more added features to benefit the call center and business users of this call center solution. Today, 31st October 2019, the company is releasing the next version of iCallify which is iCallify 1.2.

This version has a range of additional features to offer along with the existing features which will stay as it is. All existing and new features will benefit users of iCallify by offering a holistic and one of the most competitive call center software solutions. Below is the list of additional features available in this call center solution:

  • Skill based call routing to route the call to the most skilled agent
  • Agent rank based call routing to route the call to the highest rank and then to the descending order one
  • Support ticket to let customers raise a support request by sending an email
  • Support ticket queue to handle multiple tickets in parallel
  • Integration of SMS to use text messaging as one of the modes of communication
  • Call retries so the system can retry the same number multiple times if it is unanswered or busy

Along with the addition of the new features, the call center solution development experts at Inextrix also optimized the code of admin panel of iCallify. This resulted in the boosted performance of the admin panel of this intelligent call center solution.

On this occasion, the spokesperson of the company shared, “As mentioned earlier, we are in the quest to make iCallify one of the top 3 call center software solutions across the globe. Also, we want to make sure whichever functionalities or features we add in this intelligent call center solution, they are useful to our customers and iCallify users.”

The new buyers of this intelligent call center software will receive it with the latest version only. The existing users of iCallify can upgrade their existing version to the iCallify 1.2. The team of Inextrix will perform the required steps to upgrade your version. All you need to do is contact us and mention in the message that you are interested in iCallify Version 1.2. A customer representative will revert to you and at the agreed date and time the upgrade will be carried out.