It is entirely necessary to provide feedback to call center agents to maintain and improve quality facilities. Proper encouragement or criticism can dramatically change agent performance for both field staff and remote agents. But knowing how to provide feedback can be tricky. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pitfalls that can hinder the process of providing effective feedback. In this article, you will find a proper solution to this issue.

Best Practices and Tips for Effective Agent Feedback

Here we are going to discuss the changes you must follow to improve agent feedback. Follow the given technique for providing effective feedback to your call center agents:

Timely Feedback is Necessary

Intelligent call center software allows you to monitor your agent’s calls in real-time. If you hear that an agent made a mistake during a call, call center solution allows you to provide advice to avoid mistakes. Similarly, if you hear that an agent is making unusual behavior during a call, you should provide feedback immediately. The best way of providing effective feedback is by avoiding occasional feedback. Make it a daily task because it will help in motivating your agent.

Negative Feedback should be done Confidentially

No one likes to receive negative feedback in front of colleagues. If you need to take constructive criticism, meet with an agent in a private office or meeting room. Discussing reliable performance issues can improve performance by eliminating the risk of embarrassing agents.

Provide Specific Example

If you are providing feedback based on the metrics monitored on call center solution, use specific examples to show agents what they need to improve. Here you can get help from the reports of the intelligent call center software. It is important to provide proper examples to avoid future mistakes.

Be Specific

You should be specific while providing feedback. Provide specific data or limitations of their work. It is important to provide an exact date or time before assigning the task.

Use Data

Intelligent call center software provides all the data, including, customer reviews and call recordings. You should use this data while providing feedback to your call center agent. Using this data will help you eliminate the risk of being biased for any agent.

Proper Conversation is Necessary

A two-way conversation is very important while providing effective feedback. It is important to listen to your agent what is their point of view or thinking and then try to make them understand your point.

Follow Up

Some call center agents don’t know what to work on the negative feedback, even if delivered in a constructive way. Provide specific suggestions for improvement, so agents can easily improve their performance. That’s why it is important to follow up. If you do not follow up with the agents, you will not know if they get benefited from the feedback or not. You should schedule a meeting after a week to discuss the actions your agent has taken to resolve performance issues.

Providing feedback is useful for making your agents understand their problems and providing guidance for improving performance. Be prepared to share specific examples while providing feedback. Effective feedback helps to improve agent performance without losing your valuable agents.

In this process of giving useful feedback, you can use different features available in the intelligent call center solution. To get a demo of the intelligent call center software and learn more, contact us.