The novel Coronavirus outbreak has enforced governments to lockdown whole countries. The businesses and call centers are also shut. However, it is not practical to stop business operations. Thus, a majority of businesses and call centers are now working remotely. The agents and customers need to work from home or any other location where they are staying. This creates concerns for many companies.

The work from home model is new for many and people are not habitual working in this type of setup. There is no supervisor to stop employees from wasting time other than work. A majority of companies are dependent on the fact of trusting employees that they will work. However, this is not practical. The companies have to take all those steps that can assure that operations are as per the expectations. The COVID 19 spread should not affect your business too hard. This article shares the top 3 tips that will help you keep your team productive.

1. Acquire the tools that support remote work model

Remote work is not that easy for the companies that have never practiced it earlier. However, it has become a necessity now. These kinds of companies need tools to support remote work. Also, they must have a clear strategy to keep their team proactive while working remotely. To achieve this, companies need to acquire the right tools, such as intelligent call center software. Furthermore, integration of WhatsApp and Facebook and CRM to this intelligent call center solution can be very much helpful in enforcing productive work from home model.

2. Coach team to work from home

As mentioned earlier, if your team is not used to with the work from a home model, then they might not be as productive as they should be. In this case, the companies need to coach them. One of the things can be done is sending them clear work policies, so they stay aware of the expectations you have from them and the KPIs that will be used to judge their performance. You can also use intelligent call center software to keep them motivated to achieve what is asked them to achieve. For example, running a voice or SMS broadcasting campaign by using a feature of this call center solution can be helpful in keeping them motivated.

3. Keep an eye on them

Humans are humans and they need to be supervised. Even when your team is working from home, they need to know that you are watching them and they better focus on work. You can create a WhatsApp group to let them update you time to time about their activities. The intelligent call center software offers features like internal chat, WhatsApp messaging, which can be used to engage with the employees as well.

End Notes

This is a tough time for all. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has created many issues. One of the challenges, many companies are dealing with is productive “Work from Home”.  Intelligent Call Center Software can be helpful. Contact us for more details.