Many companies have started using an intelligent call center software solution to handle their inbound and outbound campaigns. The inbound campaigns usually handle more call volume as customers with concerns, prospective customers with queries, etc. call to get resolution. In the case of the inbound call center, it becomes necessary to measure operational KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so the satisfaction of callers can be increased.

In any company that uses an intelligent call center software solution, there are many KPIs shown within the software solution. However, all of those KPIs are not necessary to measure. In this article, we will share the major operational KPIs that have to be measured to define and improve caller satisfaction.

1. Average speed of answering a call

This metric reflects how fast or slow your agent was in greeting the customers once the call was assigned to that agent and the agent picked up the call. The too long pause may reduce caller satisfaction.

2. FCR

FCR stands for First Call Resolution. FCR rate means how many customers receive a satisfactory resolution within the first call. That can definitely increase caller satisfaction. The caller does not need to call back to the call center and also does not need to wait to get a resolution. This operational KPI also reflects the expertise of agents and their operational efficiency. Thus, this KPI must be measured to define good or bad caller satisfaction.

3. Average talk time

It is another important operational KPI that has to be measured to define caller satisfaction. An average talk time indicates how long it takes to get either a resolution or comments related to the resolution. Even if agents focus on increasing the first call resolution rate, it is necessary to make sure that the average talk time is not too long.

4. Average abandoned call rate

The average abandoned call rate reflects the number of calls that are abandoned by the callers before reaching the agent or before the conversation with the agent starts. This operational KPI is necessary to monitor because this can be one of the major reasons behind higher dissatisfaction or frustration in callers.

Usually, if the average call handling time is too high or if you do not have enough staff to handle the current call volume, then the average abandoned call rate increases dramatically.

5. Average time in queue

The caller satisfaction can be defined based on the treatment that callers receive. The time that callers spend in the call queue while waiting to connect with the right agent is often considered as the time wasted by customers. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor this operational KPI and take the required steps to improve it.


These are the major operational KPIs that define poor or excellent caller satisfaction. For any call center, it is necessary to improve these operational KPIs, so caller satisfaction can also be increased.

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