After being the talk of the town, finally, the second phase of the Ahmedabad metro rail was inaugurated by honourable prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Now, Ahmedabad Metro is covering North to South and East to West corridors in Ahmedabad. New routes are also added and the work for other phases has started more proactively. This metro rail project of Gujarat is going to cover two major cities first, which are Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. While Gandhinagar metro lines are still under construction, Ahmedabad has received the gift of a metro already for a 40.03 kilometre long route. The best Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro apps constantly share timely updates about the progress, customer reviews, and more. 

In this article, we will share the top user reviews given to the Ahmedabad Gandhinagar rail project after the launch of the 2nd phase for the public. We will also talk about the best Ahmedabad metro app. 

Review 1: 

We traveled with family last weekend and it has been an interesting experience. We loved the view when it crossed the river. There were many people who were traveling with us and enjoying the ride. As it was the weekend, they didn’t seem to be regular commuters. What’s noteworthy is, everyone was enjoying the journey and experience. – Sumit Chavada. 

Review 2: 

The metro is good, but its timing and routes are still confusing. It is necessary to use one of the Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro apps to keep an eye on the timings and routes. I would give 3 out of 5 stars to the metro. 

Review 3: 

I find it a great gift to the citizens by the government. Traveling through the metro is more convenient and hygienic I feel. Self service kiosks and other technology facilities make the metro the best transport option for office commuters like me. I give 4 out of 5 stars to the efforts and vision. – Ravi Malhotra. 

Review 4: 

I personally feel that the Ahmedabad metro project is a little overhyped. Yes, it is going to be a great option of transport for daily commuters, but when all phases are completed. Right now, there are only a few stations and you also need to manage to reach those stations via other options like BRTS and AMTS. Until it gets completely connected like Delhi Metro or Bangalore Metro, it is not something I prefer to use for the commute. – Utsav Kumar. 

The Best Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro App 

As it is still the new mode of transport and citizens of Ahmedabad are struggling to understand many things, using the right Ahmedabad metro app is more or less necessary. It helps in identifying the routes, timetable, connecting stations, and other vital information. There are multiple apps already available, but not all of them have all the required features. 

The Ahmedabad Metro Rail app by Inextrix is one of the top rated Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Metro apps that are loaded with amazing features, which make the whole travel experience a treat. It also has a news section, which keeps us informed about the new updates related to the metro such as changes in fairs, stations, etc. This gives a one-view facility for all aspects related to the metro. 

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