Communication is a fundamental business need. It means the business communication systems and evolution in that industry are essential. Thanks to VoIP telephony and the top VoIP development companies building the best VoIP solutions to empower business communication has converted into a reality from a dream of each business owner. A subtle switch from long wired and hardware telecommunication infrastructure to digitized VoIP based communication is made possible by these top VoIP custom development companies. An IP PBX solution is one of the epic moves in the business communication segment.

From hardware PBX to IP PBX and now even a multi tenant IP PBX system is available to benefit your business. There are many advantages of using this system in your business, but it can only benefit you if it has the right features.

Let us share the must have PBX features in your VoIP PBX software to help you in your business in a more streamlined manner.

1. IVR 

This is an important feature available in this business phone system. Almost each IP PBX development company will add this feature due to the necessity of having it. This feature lets the caller interact with the business without waiting for a customer representative. It also lets callers take some common actions and get responses to all common queries.

It will also play an interactive menu to connect the caller to the right agent and present a bigger business brand of your company.

2. Auto attendant 

Your PBX software also must have an auto attendant system to eliminate needs and restrictions related to having a receptionist. The major advantage of this feature is that it will greet all customers immediately with the same warmth. This helps in enhancing customer experience and cutting costs for business.

3. Time condition and holiday based routing

It is necessary to have a different IVR or call routing strategy to handle call traffic during off working hours or holidays. Customers must acknowledge the unavailability of staff due to non-working hours so they do not get the impression that there is no responsible person to attend to their concerns. You can also route calls to a specific phone number or a group of numbers if you want to attend calls coming to a specific DID number. This helps in keeping customers informed and reducing their frustration level of clients.

4. Call queue 

This is often considered a feature available in the call center software, but it is an important feature in an IP PBX solution as well. It is obvious that your account team head might be on another call while a customer has just requested to connect to an account head. In this case, instead of making him hear a busy ringtone, let him hear music on hold (MOH) by keeping the call in a waiting queue and connecting with the accounting head as soon as he gets available. This helps in keeping clients engaged until the concerned person is available to take the call.

5. Ring group

It is another amazing feature incorporated during IP PBX solution development. This feature is necessary to support remote operations or the effective use of resources. This feature will ring a group of numbers simultaneously until one of the members attends the call. This not only ensures that important calls are attended, to but also ensures better teamwork and productivity

6. Conferencing

call recording

The top VoIP development companies always add conferencing solutions to the IP PBX software.  If the PBX system supports video along with voice, then it will have both video and voice conferencing features. The 3-way conferencing is the main feature available in the software to support collaborative discussions and business decision making.

7. Business tool integration

The IP PBX software development company in the modern era develops the most flexible system that can support the integration of business tools without any major changes in the code. Some companies also support plug and play features to integrate business tools and APIs to use the most competitive version of the platform. This helps in streamlining processes with a complete and comprehensive solution.

8. On-call coaching

This is also another call center software feature, but it is essential in the VoIP PBX solution because in any business supervisors have to coach their subordinates to do better in their job area. On-call coaching features aid supervisors to make vital decisions and work more efficiently with live and practical examples instead of general hypothesis based examples. This helps in boosting customer experience and the quality of calls.

9. Call recording

It is another standard and commonly available feature in the PBX software. There would be hardly any VoIP development company that might not add a call recording, which is also referred to as a voice logging, feature in the system. This not only helps in keeping records of all calls to simplify dispute resolution, but it can also help in keeping the business team conscious about what they are speaking and what not during a live business call with a customer. They will be aware that the conversations are getting logged and might get screened by the management. The quality of service is improved with this feature in the business.

10. Find me Follow Me

This is an amazing premium feature available in the software built by the top IP PBX software development company. It uses advanced algorithms to connect a caller to the right agent by following a series of contact numbers until a caller is connected with a business executive. This is an amazing feature to cater to premium customers. 

Concluding notes

The PBX system is an amazing platform that helps in running a business with empowered and more connected communication solutions. This system possesses the best features if developed by the best IP PBX solution development company. If you are buying this system, you must look for the 10 most important features mentioned in this article in your software. 

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