In the modern era, digitization and mobility go hand in hand. It is necessary to use the best communication solutions that are advanced and digitized, as well as support mobility. Moreover, these communication solutions must be affordable on an ongoing basis. When we talk about communication and connectivity in businesses, it becomes more vital to have solutions that are fast, reliable, cheap, and support mobility.  All these demands might sound unrealistic or over the top, but these all can be achieved with Linphone. You might have heard about Linphone app development because it is one of the most popular solutions available in the industry to meet business communication needs. 

It is a SIP Softphone available for multiple devices such as smartphone devices, tablets, and desktops. An enterprise can meet all types of communication needs by using a single app across devices. It blends the power of mobility and SIP to offer the most reliable app for communication that reduces telephony expenses by up to 50% or more. There are several reasons this dialer app is preferred by businesses for seamless communication. 

How Linphone Can Help Your Business Communicate More Effectively?


1. Excellent business communication features 

In the purest form of this app, you can enjoy seamless and instant connectivity and crystal-clear voice quality. This is one of the major plus points of using this app for your business. Without any evident investment in customization or development, you can use the best features one would have in the SIP dialer app such as: 

  • Instant connectivity 
  • Profile management 
  • User authentication 
  • Voice and video calls 
  • Instant messaging 
  • Group chat 
  • Conferencing 
  • Recording 
  • Advanced push notifications 
  • Smart contact list 
  • Secure communication 
  • Remote provisioning 
  • Dark mode 
  • And more 

These communication features are well enough to meet day-to-day business communication needs for any small and large-scale businesses. 

2. Easy to customize 

Developers can easily customize and personalize this app because SDK is available. You can even use a white label app for your business while using this app without paying the hefty license fee. An experienced developer can provide you with the required Linphone app development to white label the app or build custom features that you are interested in having in your app. 

From the theme of the app to its existing features, performance, and any other aspect you can think of can be customized and personalized based on the needs of the company and its teammates that are going to use it. This gives a real sense of power because you are not dependent on the provider or vendor of the app. A company having the right expertise in customizing this app can provide any type of advanced level of customization in this app. You might be interested in knowing more about the personalization of this app and PJSIP.

3. Cost effective 

Linphone is an open-source SIP Softphone for users of tablets, mobile devices, and desktops. Similar to all other open-source platforms like ASTPP, this dialer app is available for free. Even the future version releases of the app will be available for free to the users. This enables businesses to use the latest features and functionalities without any stress of paying additional costs for that. 

This app uses the SIP calling mechanism to provide connectivity and communication experiences via different communication channels, such as chat, voice, and video. In addition, SIP-based communication is cheaper than PRI line-driven telecommunications. This makes usage of this app quite cost effective. 

4. Easy integration with other platforms 

This app is very flexible and supports integration with existing platforms and solutions like IP PBX system, class 5 SoftSwitch solution, CRM system, custom business app, etc. This helps in building a connected infrastructure for business communication and uses the best features of all platforms and solutions you have in your company. 

5. Hassle free management and maintenance 

This SIP dialer app is used either as a mobile app or a software solution. It doesn’t need any hardware or physical infrastructure. However, it will also use a DID number or similar mechanism for calling instead of using the personal phone number of anyone. In addition, this will allow for greater flexibility and security. This helps in providing work-life balance for employees. In addition, the management and maintenance of this business communication solution are less demanding, more affordable, and less of a hassle than traditional solutions. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, Linphone can provide the features that your business needs. It is a flexible app that can be personalized to meet your custom needs. The app keeps on growing in functionality and being an open-source solution, it comes with a plethora of advantages. 

We have been offering various services related to this open-source SIP communication app. If you are interested in exploring more about our Linphone app development services, please get in touch with us NOW! 

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