Customer support has been an important aspect of many businesses for many years. Along with locking in more new customers, businesses have started focusing more on retaining the existing customer base. This is necessary as well because retaining a customer costs 5x times less compared to locking a new client. 

To retain customers, it is necessary to deliver jaw-dropping customer services. The intelligent call center software, iCallify is one of the best call center solutions that can be used as a reliable customer support tool. This intelligent call center software has an array of features that can be used to enhance customer support. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the major features for customer support that are available in iCallify: intelligent call center software. 

1. Sticky agent

It is one of the most important calls routing features available in iCallify for customer support. It connects a customer with the same agent every time he or she calls. This helps in building a strong relationship between a customer and an agent. It also saves customers from the ordeal of sharing the same issue again and again with different agents. This feature has a major role in enhancing customer support campaigns in any company.

2. Ring group

It is an amazing feature that helps in improving customer support by making sure all customers are attended. This feature of iCallify is very useful when a call center or a business operates from home. In that case, this iCallify feature will ring numbers of all agents that are defined in a group until one of the agents attend the call. This helps agents to deliver excellent services to customers even when agents are operating from home.

3. Voice and SMS broadcasting 

One of the major concerns of customers is related to miscommunication or lack of updates. iCallify has two features to address this common customer concern: voice broadcasting and SMS broadcasting. These two features can help in sending updates to the customers by broadcasting a message without any need of holding the agents to pass the same message to the list of clients. 

4. Voicemail support

Sometimes, call queues are way too long in the call centers, and here comes iCallify at the rescue. It has a voicemail feature, which allows customers to leave a voicemail. The agents can also receive an email for the voicemail. Depending on the voicemail message, a business can take the next step to provide better customer support to its customers.

5. Omnichannel support

One amazing feature supported by iCallify is omnichannel communication. It supports voice calls, SMS, email, WhatsApp, instant messaging, social media, and help desk ticketing as one of the modes of communication. It allows customers to use their preferred mode of communication to communicate with the customer support team. This adds the flexibility of communication for customers, which further enhances customer support campaigns.

These are the top features available in iCallify to improve and enhance customer support in any company. Contact us to know more about the features, benefits, and other details of this call center software.