Usually, intelligent call center software supports all types of campaigns, namely, inbound, outbound, and blended. However, depending on the type of calling campaigns that you are going to run, you will need to look for the right features in your intelligent call center software.

In this article, we will share major and must have features in the intelligent call center software that is going to be used heavily for inbound campaigns. 

Must have features in an intelligent call center software solution:

1. Advanced call distribution (ACD)

It is a standard call routing feature and you will usually find it in all call center solutions. Still, it is good to check a feature list or explore the functional capacity of this feature during a live demo as it is a must have feature in an inbound solution.

2. Sticky agent

It is another call routing rule and a must have feature in the intelligent call center software. This feature has unique functionality. Every time a customer calls, this feature will connect that customer to the same agent. It means a customer call will stick to the same agent, which is why it is known as a sticky agent. 

3. Ring group

It is another important feature, especially, during the uncertain time caused by the pandemic. The ring group feature will ring all numbers defined in a group. That can help in setting up a reliable virtual call center. 

4. Holiday based call routing

The incoming call centers or a company that runs customer support campaigns often receive incoming calls even during holidays and after office hours. If a call center or a company does not operate during the holidays or does not have a round the clock team, the holiday based call routing feature is a must. It helps call centers and companies to define call routing rules, IVR, and queues to attend customers during non-working hours in a professional manner. As it is related to better customer experience, it is a must have feature in the inbound intelligent call center software.

5. Call recording 

Usually, inbound campaigns are related to customer support, or incoming inquiry. That is why the quality of the call is very much important to make sure the customer is leaving with a positive impression and satisfactory solution. Thus, call recording is a must have feature in intelligent call center software. It is also important for self assessment and training.

6. Reports

Usually, the intelligent call center software offers a wide array of reports, but for inbound campaigns, some reports are very important. The must have reports should show the following KPIs:

  • Average call waiting time
  • Average call hold time 
  • Average call duration
  • First call resolution


These all are must have features in the intelligent call center software for inbound campaigns. iCallify has all these and many more amazing features to empower inbound campaigns in a call center or business. For more details of features available in iCallify, contact us.