For professional and cost-effective communication, there are two types of solutions:

  1. Call center solution
  2. IP PBX solution

Often, people get confused between these communication solutions and wonder which one to choose. The intelligent call center software is obviously way better than an IP PBX solution and in this article, we will talk about it in detail.

To help you understand what makes intelligent call center software better than an IP PBX solution, we will talk about some of the major aspects.

1. Features

The first thing to think about while selecting any communication solution is definitely features. We focus on features first to assure we get better returns over investment (ROI). If you compare the list of features between IP PBX software and intelligent call center software, you will realize, the intelligent call center software has way more features to offer than its counterpart. Some of the most important features are missing in the IP PBX software such as:

  • Barge-in
  • Whisper
  • Live statistics
  • Agent side reports
  • Callback scheduling
  • And more

All these features are important for better performance, productivity, and efficiency. Because of the lack of features, intelligent call center software is better than the IP PBX system.

2. Communication support

The intelligent call center software supports omnichannel communication. It means you can use voice calls, SMS, email, instant messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook, and a help desk ticketing system. However, the IP PBX solution only supports voice calls. It does not support omnichannel communication. As we all know, the need and demand for omnichannel communication are rapidly increasing. In this scenario, having a solution that supports it as an integral feature is necessary.

3. Use cases

The IP PBX system is more focused on empowering internal team communication and collaboration. Of course, it has a range of features that can be used to handle customer communication, too. For example, holiday based call routing, call forwarding, call transfer, etc. are the features that can be used to handle customer calls more professionally. However, this software has a minimum number of features. 

On the other hand, the intelligent call center software has an array of features to support multiple campaigns such as customer care, technical support, sales, lead generation, collection, etc. It means the intelligent call center software has way more use cases compared to IP PBX software. For example, automated call distribution rules, call dialers, etc. are only available in the intelligent call center software. That is why this software can be used in multiple areas, unlike the IP PBX system, which can support only limited use cases.


The intelligent call center software has way more use cases, features, and benefits to offer compared to an IP PBX system. That is why a call center software solution is better than a PBX system.

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