VICIDial has more than 14,000 installations across more than 100 countries. This number is growing dramatically high. There are many businesses that have started setting up call centers to cater to clients with high quality customer services and many of them are considering VICIDial setup and customization by taking the help of a VICIDial development company that offers VICIDial development. 

VICIDial is a powerful call center solution, but still, there are several aspects that one needs to touch upon to harness the power of this software. Many businesses consider basic services such as VICIDial installation services, VICIDial custom theme development, etc. These services definitely help in setting up this software with the right configurations. VICIDial theme also helps in meeting the brand value and positioning with customization. But, this is not it. 

Businesses that are adopting this call center solution and really want to improve customer satisfaction by delivering a high rate of service level agreement (SLA) need a scalable setup solution. 

Each call center is growing and if your VICIDial installation services do not include a high availability setup, then it would cause a failover issue. Let’s understand all these technical terms in detail. 

What is VICIDial system failure? 

Reasons for VICIDial System Failure

The VICIDial call center solution gets installed on a single or more Asterisk server by the VoIP consulting service provider. Usually, software setup will also have hardware components, networks, and other components along with VICIDial software and servers. 

Each setup will have a certain capacity to handle. It means it can support X number of parallel agents, Y number of parallel calls, and Z number of customers in the queue. If the load increases, then the system may get crashed, which is a common scenario. In other scenarios, the system may get crashed because of some fault in the software, server, database, or any other component. 

In any case, if the system fails, it will stop serving the customers and show an error message. The technical expert of this software or a VICIDial development company can resolve this error. However, the recovery time may vary depending on the fault. It can be from a few minutes to multiple hours. 

What is VICIDial system failover? 

Understanding About VICIDial system failover

When the system faces any sort of fault and the system or one of its components fails, the system will stop serving, which is the case of disaster or failure. 

The failover is the process of getting prepared with added components to handle the failure. Usually, the failover system will have a replica system with a high availability cluster setup. This will ensure if the primary system fails, the whole operation will switch to the secondary system or server. The secondary system is often referred to as a slave server or system. One can create a high availability cluster for different system components such as software, hardware, etc. 

Your VICIDial development provider can help you set up the failover system. The failover system will make sure that the system does not stop serving customers in the case of failure. Even if the system fails for any reason, it will be down for a few minutes or seconds while it is switching operations. Once the calls are shifted to another server, the customers will start receiving the services. 

The failover system set up by an expert company will be highly dependable and reliable. The whole operation of switching will be seamless and swift. The customers, agents, etc. will not even realize that the switchover has happened. 

What are the major types of high availability VICIDial failover system setups? 

Top 3 Types of HA setup for VICIDial Failover System

Depending on your VICIDial custom development service provider, the whole architecture gets defined and implemented. There are different types of HA (High Availability) systems set up available. The technical details are difficult to cover, but if we see a slice of it, there are three main types of HA setup for VICIDial scalable solution: 

1+1 redundancy 

It refers to the configuration of each component with a dedicated component. 

N+1 redundancy 

This setup will have one standalone component to provide the required failover support. 

N+N redundancy 

This cluster setup will have multiple standalone components. 

Other than these three, it can also have N+2, 2N, 2N+1, and other forms of the cluster setup. There are also some really useful methods for failover such as heartbeat, network IP switching, and more. 

In the VICIDial Asterisk server setup, you can also create phone aliases using the phone section available in the admin panel. This will allow agents to log in to multiple phone accounts on different servers in the case of system failure. In this case, you need to use a mobile SIP dialer, PC dialer, or IAX phone that supports multi server registration. 

One can also run multiple dialers for hot failover. This will reduce the switch or failover time to one to five minutes only. 

What is a VICIDial scalability solution? 

Call centers or any business using a VICIDial solution aims to grow operations. This indicates the system should be scalable and robust enough to support the growth of the business. The VICIDial scalable solution is one that is flexible enough to handle the increasing growth capacity of the business. It means as the number of calls increases, VICIDial software capacity will also increase. This means the growth will be supported by the highly scalable VICIDial solution. 

Concluding notes 

VICIDial is a powerful open source call center solution, but to make the right use of this software at its full potential, you need to know the technicalities of the software. Whether you invest in a VICIDial theme or not, you need to invest in VICIDial custom development to augment its features. Moreover, investing in setting up a high availability and scalability solution is a must. There are some sorts of documentation available on the official VICIDial website. 

If you are looking for a company that is technically well versed in this software and high availability cluster setup, you are at the right place. We can help you with our expert services for VICIDial along with VICIDial development. Initiate the discussion to know more. Contact us NOW! 

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