VoIP is like the fever of cricket during this World Cup that has taken the whole world by storm. Everyone is talking about VoIP and enjoying the excellent features and benefits it has to offer. Traditionally, only a few types of VoIP communication solutions were available. However, this is the era of tailored communication tools available to meet the custom needs of all businesses and end users. As a result, the range of VoIP solutions and features has started becoming full of variety and versatility. Moreover, businesses have started investing in VoIP development services rather than renting communication solutions. In short, trends are ever-changing in this industry, which makes it more compelling to dig deeper to know how things are going in this industry. Moreover, you must know what can dominate the world of communication in the upcoming year.

In this blog post, we are going to cover the top VoIP trends that are going to influence the VoIP communication industry. Moreover, these trends will affect all users, companies, and providers using VoIP based communication tools.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump in to learn about the top trends of VoIP that can help you define your master strategy. Unleash the power of VoIP trends in favor of your business.

1. Understanding VoIP

VoIP development services

VoIP is an abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple words, VoIP is a phenomenon of making calls over internet lines instead of using traditional analog lines. Sounds simple and easy right? However, technically, it is quite complicated. The best VoIP service provider uses a complete setup of gateways, tools, software, and more to create a whole SIP-based communication ecosystem. The provider monitors that everything is managed seamlessly. Moreover, the provider also takes the required steps to maintain the quality of calls.

Traditionally, VoIP had a limited role due to hardware-based mechanisms. However, with the invention of software switches like a class 4 Softswitch and other VoIP based software solutions made available with VoIP application development services, the whole market shift happened. In addition to that, other technological inventions, flexibility in legislation, and several other factors worked in favor of this industry.

VoIP already had more than 60% of the market in the communication industry. The COVID-19 pandemic and the invention of 4G and 5G networks brought a turning point in this industry and increased the popularity of VoIP based communication tools. There were several users of VoIP based communication across the world. According to research and market, the overall VoIP market size will increase up to 102.50 USD by 2026. The CAGR rate will be 3.8% during the period of 2021 to 2026.

2. Why is VoIP necessary?

Any technology becomes popular due to its benefits. VoIP has several advantages to offer to its consumers. Therefore, more and more businesses and consumers are joining the user base of VoIP based communication tools.

Key benefits of using VoIP over traditional telephony solutions are listed hereunder:

  • Quick setup and easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Cheap calling even for long-distance calls
  • Remote communication and collaboration
  • Cost-efficient and easy to manage
  • Save resources
  • Technology-driven and constant evolution to benefit businesses
  • Highly scalable and flexible

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The simple reason to use VoIP is to stay competitive and save resources. Being tech-savvy is necessary in the modern era. As a result, businesses have to adopt tools that are tech-savvy and bring cost benefits. VoIP communication provides exactly the same. Therefore, it is necessary to use VoIP.

3. Why is it important to learn about VoIP trends?

Before you understand the importance of knowing VoIP trends, let’s first understand what VoIP trends are. In simple language, a trend is a wave that influences something. For example, in the fashion industry, the trend of certain clothes makes people crazy. Secondly, war is going on in several parts of the world. As a result, the economy and education sectors are going to be affected heavily. Similarly, any direct or indirect factor that can become influential can be a trend.

In the VoIP industry, trends can define the future of existing communication tools in multiple ways. Firstly, it can add new features to existing software. Secondly, it can change the common practice of offering VoIP development services. Thirdly, it can change the pricing structure for consumers. The list goes on. Therefore, if you are using or offering VoIP services or related to the custom VoIP development industry, then it is important to learn about existing and future trends.

4. Top 5 VoIP Development Trends to Watch in 2024

VoIP Development Trends

You must have butterflies in your stomach to know what is going to trend in the VoIP world in 2024. Don’t worry as here are the top 5 VoIP trends to watch in the upcoming year.

5G is Influencing the Telecom World

5G is not new in the world. However, its adoption has increased rapidly in the past few years. Several countries have introduced 5g-enabled solutions and devices. We are all aware of the fact that internet speed is the major driving factor of VoIP communication tools. Therefore, 5G connectivity and its speed are going to influence VoIP users and this industry heavily.

According to the news circulating in the VoIP world, 5G has already improved voice quality. Moreover, it will directly enhance the quality of video calls to augment user experience. In addition to that, VoIP based communication will experience more benefits from 5G. For example, no jitter, better response rate, no packet loss, and more are some of the major advantages. In addition to that, better connectivity, enhanced quality, and excellent user experience will be the driving factors. As a result, any best VoIP service provider will focus on adopting 5G enabled communication tools to improve client retention and loyalty.

AI and ML will Dominate VoIP Telephony

There is hardly any segment that is not influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). VoIP is also not left out. Any company offering custom VoIP development must know this trend. Because they have to implement AI trends in their development practices. Moreover, businesses like call centers that use VoIP for customer care and similar types of communication have to learn about these trends. AI and ML will dominate several industries by influencing the VoIP industry.

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According to several studies and statistics, by 2025, more than 95% of customers will receive customer care services without interacting with any human. Automation and conversational AI will dominate customer communication. Moreover, the self-evaluation and self-learning capabilities of AI-based communication tools will make a big hit in this sector.

According to IDC research, there are some large-scale enterprises that are investing in inventions and innovations in several sectors of communication. As a result, customer care, sales, and fraud prevention areas will have more power from AI. Moreover, if we look at the statistics, automation in customer care has bagged 4.5 billion US dollars as innovation funds. Furthermore, 2.7 billion US dollars are allotted to fraud detection and prevention in VoIP based communication. Additionally, the sales process automation area has 2.7 billion US dollars as an investment.

In conclusion, AI and ML are going to play a very crucial role in the VoIP industry. They will change the development processes. Moreover, they will change several practices and processes. The world is keeping an eye on these trends because they are going to change several industries, including communication, upside down.

Amalgamation of VoIP with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in use to build smart homes. It has already shown its power to the world by providing more intellectual property. However, the next trend that we all are going to witness is related to VoIP with IoT.

This trend will not limit the power of IoT to build just smart offices to switch on AC or the conference room. However, it will provide more power to the IP phones and SIP softphone apps of users. They will have features to configure their VoIP devices, reserve their office space, and make several other decisions using the blended power of IoT and VoIP.

Blending VoIP with UC and Blended Communication

Conventionally, VoIP based communication tools were available only to make voice calls. Lately, several other communication channels have been introduced for VoIP users. Furthermore, these communication channels were bundled into a single product and presented as a unified communication (UC) tool.

Earlier unified communication solutions were the monopoly of large enterprises. However, these tools are inevitable in the modern world. All sized and scaled businesses need unified communication solutions. Moreover, end users also need these communication tools to stay connected with their colleagues, friends, and family. In fact, unified communication has been trending for many years. However, contextual conversations are now going to dominate the world in this industry.

All companies that are offering unified communication tools need to map all conversations across all communication channels. As a result, the users will have the data of the past conversations. Therefore, future conversations will be more personalized and clearer.

In addition to unified communication, the VoIP industry is also experiencing a buzz of blended communication. This has been a common communication practice in many sectors. However, it is becoming a new norm. Businesses are demanding blended communication tools to make their conversations and online meetings more fulfilling. Firstly, this type of tool has to support multiple participants and one-to-one calling. Secondly, during a voice or video call, it must support access to other communication features.

Remote Communication with Mobile VoIP

There is no second thought on the benefit of remote access to all VoIP based communication tools. However, there is still a question of convenience for many users who need to access a web app. Moreover, some users also need to install a SIP Softphone to use VoIP communication tools remotely. As a result, there are some barriers or inconveniences to remote use of these communication apps and software solutions. However, mobile VoIP is a perfect solution to this hindrance.

The number of smartphone users is in the billions across the globe. In addition to that, technology like 5G is going to drive this segment drastically. Therefore, mobile VoIP is going to be a big thing in this industry.

Mobile VoIP solutions include the comfort and convenience of using smartphones and mobile apps. Moreover, they provide advantages of using VoIP based communication. As a result, businesses and professionals can leverage combined benefits to enjoy mobility at its best.

According to a statistics result, in 2020, the global investment in mobile VoIP solutions was 16.6 billion US dollars. However, there is a hopping spike in this number. By 2026, this investment will reach 63.6 billion US dollars. This number shows the power of this trend.

Concluding Notes

The VoIP industry is one of the most dynamic industries because it touches all parts of the world and all types of users. For example, from a large enterprise to a small business and a professional to a long-distance student, everyone uses VoIP based communication tools. Therefore, the world keeps a watch on the trends in this industry.

Technological inventions are rapid and many of them directly or indirectly affect the VoIP industry. From changes in technology to increased security threats, new legislation, and many other influential factors change the VoIP world. In short, shifting trends in the VoIP industry are common. Moreover, knowing these trends and practicing them to build a more connected world is inevitable for everyone. Whether you provide VoIP application development services or you are yet another free VoIP user, you must know these trends to use them in your favor.

To help you stay updated, we have shared the top 5 most influential trends to look for in 2024. There are several other trends that will affect this industry like cloud hosting, VoIP security, WebRTC, SIPengine, and more. However, the top five VoIP trends are shared in this blog post.

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