Lockdown is common these days which is one of the strategies used by people or the government to combat the spread of the world novel Coronavirus. Businesses cannot stop as that can be disastrous for many. Some industries cannot work from home like manufacturing. However, some can adapt the work from a home model and can continue its operations on the same scale. One of the crucial industries is customer support and they have to work round the clock and have to offer the same quality of service. They can also use the remote work model to support customers even during COVID 19 lockdown.

The remote work model might be new to many custom support executives and they might not be as motivated to work from home as they are while working in the office. However, the customer support has to be of good quality. Learn the top 4 tips which you can follow to deliver better customer service even when working remotely because of the COVID 19 outbreak or any other reason.

1. Use the ideal tools

The remote work model needs specific tools as traditional tools might not be good enough to support this model with good results. For example, instead of using a traditional call center solution, use the intelligent call center software as it has more features. The intelligent call center software offers all features you would get in a traditional system. Moreover, you will receive the “Remote Work” specific features.

2. Keep customers informed

Your customers must be aware of the fact that your team is working remotely and there can be some change in the process, working hours, call hold time, etc. You can use features of an intelligent call center solution for this. For example, use a call broadcasting or SMS broadcasting feature to send a personalized message to update the customer.

3. Coach team to deliver a good quality service

The best tool may fail if your team fails in delivering good customer service. Your team members need to be coached and motivated to work well from the home. They should also be coached to use the tools and how to maximize their own performance. You can also take some sessions to teach them the best practices to deliver good customer service or motivate them with some perks.

4. Run a customer survey

You might be assuming that you have the best tool and an intelligent call center software so you are delivering good customer support services, but your customers might not agree with you. You need to ask them whether they are satisfied with the services you offer or not. You need to know if there is anything else you can do to increase their satisfaction. The intelligent call center software has a Survey feature which can be used to collect survey. This will not only help you know the feedback of the customers, but it will also help you gain more customer satisfaction.

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