Mobile app development companies India use a variety of mobile app development frameworks. The most popular ones include React Native and Flutter. A mobile app framework is a software development platform that includes various tools to assist developers in creating mobile apps. Flutter and React Native frameworks have brought about a paradigm shift in the world of cross-platform app development. The main reasons behind this are the rich UI libraries available for React Native app development companies and Flutter app development companies.

The UI libraries help a mobile app function seamlessly and consistently on both the Android and iOS platforms. They also make the overall navigation easier, thus improving the user experience as well.

Here are the top mobile app UI frameworks for 2023.

React Native UI frameworks:

Here are the best UI libraries for React Native that help React Native mobile app development companies build robust and top-notch cross-platform apps with amazing styling and functionalities.

1. NativeBase

It is the most popular UI component library, providing components for cross-platform app development. This open-source UI library allows React Native app development companies to use any third-party library out of the box. NativeBase has various UI components like images, buttons, search, alerts, cards, spinners, and many others to create a rich ecosystem. NativeBase has 18K stars and 2.2K forks on GitHub.

2. React Native Elements

This React Native UI tool kit has 30+ components to save time for React Native development companies. The React Native Elements help deliver a consistent design across Android, iOS, and the web. It comes with a lot of components, offering various customization options for the developers.

This Native UI toolkit is community-driven and easy to use. Some of the components included in React Native Elements are Avatar, Button, Badge, Card, Checkbox, Image, Input, Overlay, Search Bar, Slider, Social Icons, Speed Dial, Tab, Title, and others. React Native Elements has 22.6K stars and 4.4 forks on GitHub

3. React Native Maps

This UI toolkit offers various component APIs such as Callout, Polygon, Polyline, Circle, MapView, Marker, and Overlay. This UI kit makes it possible for developers to render Maps for your Android or iOS apps. Using this toolkit, developers offering Flutter app development services can easily integrate maps in cross-platform app development. React Native Maps has over 13.3K stars and 4.6K forks on GitHub.

4. React Native Vector Icons

This UI library offers more than 3000 icon options to developers and is an amazing option for vector icons for Android mobile app development and iOS app development. When it comes to the UI/UX in mobile app development, the fonts and icons really matter. The React Native vector icons serve as a visual aid for the users, while the amazing fonts set the tone for mobile apps.  This React Native UI library has several pre-built bundled icons that are easily customizable. Developers can easily integrate these icons into app development projects. It has 15.9k stars and 2k forks on GitHub.

5. React Native Gifted Chat

This complete chat UI helps developers create a unique chat experience for real-time communication when building mobile apps for Android and iOS. It saves both time and effort for mobile app development companies India when building chat UIs. It is the most complete chat UI for React Native. This chat UI supports copying messages, quick replies, avatar generation, localized dates, and much more. On GitHub, it has 11.8k stars and 3.4k forks.

Flutter UI frameworks:

Flutter UI Frameworks

Flutter’s popular features like hot reload, great community support, widget library, single codebase, and minimum testing make it popular for cross-platform app development. Features like hot reload, great community support, widget library, single code-base, and minimum testing makes Flutter popular for cross-platform app development. 

Here are the top Flutter UI libraries used by Flutter development companies.

1. ProKit

It is a large library of Flutter UI app templates for Android mobile app development and iOS app development. This ultimate Flutter UI kit has ready-to-use themes ideal for eCommerce apps, food delivery apps, taxi booking apps,  grocery delivery apps, live streaming apps, and others.

2. SmartKit

This multipurpose UI kit can be used to design Amazon and captivating UI screens for mobile apps in real time. It has more than 1,200 UI screen templates and more than 12 complete app templates. The Smart Kit has several elements for quick app development for Android and iOS.

3. Flutter-UI-Nice

This Flutter UI is beautiful and easy for developers to customize. It has a UI for different screens such as profile, chat, log in, and more. It has more than 130 beautiful pre-built pages. More than 45 developers have contributed to the development of this UI library.

4. Flutter chart

This Flutter UI has data visualization widgets such as pie charts, scatter plot charts, bar charts, time series charts, tree map charts, and time series charts. It is also used to display statistical analysis in a mobile app. For example, price, data, etc. This beautiful UI library helps developers to show data in a precise and accurate way.

5. URL launcher

This Flutter UI library helps in launching the URLs. It is used to interact with outside websites from the mobile app. The URL launcher can be used to open emails, open maps, compose emails, and much more. 

Both React Native and Flutter are top cross platform app development frameworks. Some businesses opt for developers specializing in React Native app development services, while others go for those offering Flutter app development services. Mobile app development companies India chooses between the React Native UI framework or the Flutter UI framework depending on the business requirements and app development project. Other than that, for native mobile app development, the businesses use native mobile app development services from a company that can help with Android or iOS user interface framework for design.

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