Communication is an inseparable part of lives in both personal and professional aspects. Thus, the demand for more reliable, quality acquainted, and cheap communication solutions is increasing. The number of VoIP development companies that provide telephony and unified communication solutions to grow the telephony industry is also increasing.

VoIP open source development companies to third party software developers have started building advanced features and automation is one of the integral parts of these communication solutions. Whether we talk about a live call monitoring solution, mobile SIP dialer, or open source VoIP billing software, automation in jobs will be made available by the telephony software provider companies.

Have you wondered why is it necessary to use automation in the telephony industry and why is it gaining so much popularity?

1. Speed up jobs

One of the most promising reasons for incorporating automation in telephony products is the speed of completion of the job. Software automation will complete a job quickly and in many cases, instantly. For example, an IVR solution developed by an Asterisk development company will attend all calls instantly and will also answer commonly asked questions. It will not need to spend time waiting for a human resource to attend a call and then check the database manually to give a response. It will be a really fast process.

2. Provide a unique experience to everyone

Automation not only speeds up the job, but also enhances the quality of the job and experience. If we take the same example of an IVR solution developed by an Asterisk development company, the system will provide the best customer experience even to the 1231st customer. It will not experience fatigue like a human and therefore, it can deliver a better quality of experience.

3. Save resources

Communication is not always about taking calls and having a business conversation. It has several other aspects as well. For example, responding to common questions, connecting a caller to the right business executive, reviewing the quality of calls, etc. The FreeSWITCH development company that develops the best telephony solutions with automation features will help in automating major jobs to save human resources, and their time from tedious jobs and enhance processes. This will help in saving resources and reducing expenses.

4. Reduce manmade errors

Another amazing reason to add automation in telephony products by major VoIP development companies is to reduce manmade errors. Connecting a caller to the wrong department by a receptionist or making a wrong note of the meeting is not an unusual error. But, the automated feature will always connect the caller to the right department and will record calls with crystal clear quality. This helps in reducing and in fact, eliminating manmade errors.


Automation is paving its way in all industry verticals and VoIP or telephony industries are not new in this race. Developing the best communication platforms with futurist automation features with help of an expert VoIP development company can help you seize this growing market.

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