Call centers measure success in revenues and returns of investment. However, there are many small key performance indicators (KPIs) that define the success of a call center. These KPIs actually contribute to increasing revenues and ROI. One of the important KPIs in a call center is call quality. The call centers with higher call quality can lift up other KPIs as well.

Often, people do not understand the concept of call quality. All they understand by call quality is either clarity of voice with no lagging or professionalism of the agent. Of course, these two are important factors that define call quality, but there are some more important factors that you need to improve.

The clarity of voice is often handled by your system. Generally, an intelligent call center software gives the highest clarity of voice and flawless connection compared to other types of call center solutions which may have an issue of call lagging sometimes.

In this article, we will share the top 5 tips to increase your call quality

1. Define goals

To define a strategy and to achieve something, you need to first define the goals. In the call center, there are many KPIs that help in defining the quality of the call. You can check these KPIs from the reports available in your simple to intelligent call center solutions. Based on your campaigns and/or vision of your call center, you need to define your goal. Some of the most commonly used goals related to call quality in the call center are increasing FCR (First Call Resolution), reducing average call duration, etc.

2. Take input from agents

Definitely, you will define a strategy with the help of managers and supervisors to achieve goals. However, you should not make the mistake made by many by ignoring agents. Your agents interact with customers all the time as well as your call center solution. Thus, they can give better suggestions to improve call quality. Take their feedback.

3. Coach agents

Based on the new strategy, you need to coach your agents. You can use the reports of intelligent call center software to understand which agent lacks in what part and based on that give training. Make sure to convey your defined goals to your agents so they focus on achieving that.

4. Revise the call script

A single call script cannot be worked with different goals. For example, the call script to reduce average call duration would be way different than the script written to increase FCR. Based on your defined goals, rewrite or revise your call script.

5. Monitor calls

Once you coach agents, revise the script and your campaigns in the call center software, it is time to execute the new campaigns that are focused to achieve set goals. Make sure to monitor live and historical performance. Intelligent call center software offers live dashboards along with traditional call monitoring features such as barge-in, voice logging, and playback, etc.

These are the top 5 tips you can apply to increase your call quality.

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