Asterisk is one of the top VoIP development platforms. Originally, it is a private branch exchange (PBX) platform and a popular open source framework used by the top Asterisk development companies to cater to the needs of enterprises for building different IP telephony and unified communication solutions. Across 170 countries, 2,000,000 downloads of Asterisk are registered annually, which proves the worth of this platform. 

Asterisk is a pioneering framework that is used by several VoIP development companies all across the globe to meet their own business communication needs and the demands of their own customers. Some of the major platforms and solutions that can be developed with the expertise of Asterisk developers are listed below: 

  • IP PBX solution 
  • Conferencing solution 
  • Voice broadcasting solution 
  • Call center solution 
  • VoIP Softswitch solution 
  • Click to call solution 
  • Smart IVR solution 
  • Fax over IP (FoIP) solution 
  • MVNO solution 
  • And more 

In 1999, the first version of Asterisk was launched and since then, it is very popular among VoIP lovers. The community of Asterisk has more than 85,000 community members. Since the first version of this VoIP development technology has launched, the community leaders and other members work relentlessly to the improvement of this open source VoIP platform. In late October 2022, the latest version of Asterisk is released, which is Asterisk Version 20. It was first launched around a year back and now the mature version of Asterisk 20 is launched by the community. 

It is now available for use by the existing and future users of Asterisk and any Asterisk development company to offer Asterisk development services. 

What is Asterisk 20? 

Understanding about Asterisk 20

Asterisk version 20 is the latest version of this open source VoIP software development framework. This version stands out for multiple reasons and one of them is it is an LTS version. It means it is categorized as an extended support release. LTS means that this version will receive regular updates from the community for the next five years. In general, any Asterisk version releases updates for two years. Only a few versions receive the extended support release category and version 20 is one of them, which puts it into the popular list category. The last version of Asterisk that received the extended support release category was Asterisk 18 and Asterisk 16. 

Top reasons to upgrade to Asterisk Version 20 

Ideally, as soon as the latest version of any software or technology is launched, a business must invest time and money to upgrade to the latest version of the software. Asterisk development companies must invest in learning and adopting the latest version to benefit the customers that seek Asterisk consulting services or development services. 

If you are still wondering why, let’s check the top reasons to upgrade to Asterisk version 20.

Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade to Asterisk Version 20

1. Better and stable performance

One of the major reasons to upgrade to the latest version of Asterisk is that it will give a more stable and better performance than its earlier version. There are several features that are enhanced to perform better. The new version makes reloading, call handling, starting other apps, etc. easier for the users of this platform.

2. Known bugs get fixed

Multiple security and other bugs are resolved to deliver better security and performance. Advanced transfer initiation option, reloading of key information with TLS certificate, MoH override, and multiple other issues are fixed in the latest version of Asterisk by the top Asterisk developers.

3. Added features

The Asterisk version 20 also has some amazing new features to give you one more reason to upgrade. Protection from eavesdropping with the sound scrambling feature, disabling individual voice prompts, detect signals, and more features are added to the latest version that can be available at your disposal.

4. Releases for Asterisk 16 and Asterisk 18 will stop soon

The extended release support versions will receive support for limited years: Asterisk 16 till October 2023 and Asterisk 18 till October 2025. Then, the Asterisk community will not provide the required support. Thus, using this time to switch to the more reliable version of Asterisk is necessary to keep business moving. 

How can we help you in this journey of upgrading to Asterisk 20? 

As you must have realized, there are several reasons to switch to the latest version of Asterisk. We, being the top Asterisk development company, can help you in multiple aspects of this journey of upgrading from your existing version to the latest version of Asterisk.

1. Asterisk consulting service

If you don’t want to hire an Asterisk developer as you have them in your team, but are lacking knowledge of Asterisk version 20, then we are here with our consulting services. We can help you fill in the technical gaps your team may have with our expertise in Asterisk and its latest version.

2. Asterisk upgrade service

We can assist you with our complete version upgrade service. From making an upgrade plan to executing the plan securely and transferring your calls and operations to the latest version of this platform, we can help you with the complete Asterisk upgrade service.

3. Asterisk migration support

We can help you successfully migrate your data and operations from an earlier version to the latest version of Asterisk. We have specialization in secured migration with minimal to no data loss. We can aid with our expertise in making a successful and safe data migration plan and executing it.

4. Asterisk support and maintenance

After the migration to the latest version, you may need some support from experts. You can hire an Asterisk developer to receive exclusive support. We also support the Asterisk training program. Moreover, our VoIP software development experts can also provide reliable maintenance services to ensure smooth operations. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, upgrading to Asterisk 20 is a must for any user of this platform for all the right reasons. We are one of the top Asterisk development companies that can help in the complete or predefined process of upgrade depending on your requirements. Let’s discuss your requirements in detail. Contact us. 

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