We are happy to announce that, we, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have participated in the TAD Summit Asia 2021. Our company was represented by our co-founder and director, Mr. Arpit Modi. He took an insightful session on the topic of “Intelligent Call Center Software to Empower Your Business”.

What is TAD Summit Asia 2021?

TAD Summit is one of the leading online summits, which are popular because of the amazing content shared for the participants for free. Since 2013, the TAD Summit has been arranging amazing online sessions and chapters.

The TAD Summit Asia 2021 is part of the TAD Summit chapter and it is going on right now. Throughout the month of May 2021, the TAD Summit Asia 2021 will present different, yet cherry picked tech leaders from Asia. These leaders will take an interesting topic and share insightful knowledge on the same.

Participation of Inextrix in TAD Summit Asia 2021

Topic Covered: Intelligent Call Center Software to Empower Your Business

Host: Mr. Arpit Modi, Co-founder & Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Complete Session Details and Video: Here

Complete Presentation File: Here

Date of Presentation: 5th May 2021

We are glad to share that Arpit got an opportunity to benefit the participants of the TAD Summit with his astute knowledge on small and large scale businesses, intelligent call center software, and how an intelligent call center solution can benefit all scaled businesses.

The key highlights of the TAD Summit Session of Inextrix:

  • A quick brief of our company, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Our company’s vision to benefit small business to large scale enterprises
  • A quick brief of a call center solution
  • Detailed explanation on the importance of a call center software solution in any business
  • Comparison between working scenarios with and without a call center solution
  • An introduction to the intelligent call center software, iCallify
  • Key features of intelligent call center software
  • Major and widespread challenges faced by the businesses
  • Explanation on how an intelligent call center solution can resolve the widespread challenges business face
  • Key advantages of using an intelligent call center software solution in any business, regardless of its size or industry vertical
  • More details on the leading intelligent call center software, iCallify
  • Key reasons iCallify is better than other call center solutions available in the market
  • Wrap up of the session

We are glad to share that we received an amazing response from the participants of TAD Summit Asia 2021. We also received some questions from the audiences, which were responded in the comment section of the same summit page.

About iCallify

Arpit shared details about an intelligent call center solution in his session. The intelligent call center software comes up with amazing features. Each of these features has some benefits to offer to the businesses using it. We offer iCallify, which is the most advanced intelligent call center software. Contact us to know how this call center solution can benefit your business and let you overcome all your common business challenges.