We are excited to share one of the amazing pieces of news that we are launching a partnership and affiliation program for business owners and individuals. This program is open for everyone interested in expanding the business reach or launching an additional revenue generation channel.

We are majorly focusing on joining hands with the companies and individuals that are interested in selling an intelligent call center software solution. We have one of the most in-demand and comprehensive call center solutions, which is built with smart algorithms and cutting-edge technologies. It is popularly known as iCallify. To know more about it, please visit, iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software.

Along with iCallify, our partners and affiliates can sell our all other solutions and services based on their interests. Our all offerings are shown on our official website and you can explore more details about them via using any of the available navigations.

You can find all the relevant details about our partnership program on our official webpage: Become Our Partner.

Let us share the vital information about becoming our partner.

1. You decide your own marketing, selling, and customer care plans

As we mentioned earlier, we majorly focus on selling our intelligent call center software through our partners, but it is not the only product or service you can sell. You can decide your own target, from products or services to sales. You can also define your own marketing and selling plan as well as you can define how you will nurture your own leads. We will make sure we always preserve the interest of our customers.

2. We are always here to provide all sorts of help

From vendor support to technical customer support, our team will handle it all for you. You do not need to worry about the intricacy of learning new products as we provide thorough vendor training followed by ongoing customer support.

3. We will share warm leads with you to convert them

We are finding channel partners to create a win-win situation. Along with offering support and services to our partners, we are also willing to provide some leads. Depending on certain factors, we will pass warm leads to our selective partners and you can be the one based on your performance, geography, and other criteria.

4. No investment, no lock-ins

You do not need to invest anything to become our partner or affiliate. You are also not bound to get a predefined number of projects or sign a contract for 5 years. It is a flexible partnership program that is launched to create a win-win situation.

5. On-time payment is assured

Unlike many companies that pay only if you have a predefined balance, we make sure you get paid in the next billing cycle for as many or as few projects you brought. You will always get paid for the converted leads.

Joining our partner program is absolutely easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is, just get in touch with us and one of our representatives will share further details with you.