We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our second webinar, which was conducted last Thursday, 25th of March, 2021. The webinar was conducted on the topic of “Intelligent Call Center Software: An Inside Look”.

If you have missed the webinar, you can watch the whole webinar, here https://youtu.be/Kaxg4EH4dxg

We are glad to share several people from Germany, Australia, India, the UK, Africa, and other countries participated in this webinar. The webinar was 49 minutes long and conducted by Arpit Modi, Co-founder and Director of Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Arpit shared the information related to the previous webinars of the company, which can be watched or re-watched from the official channel of Inextrix, from here.

The webinar topic was commenced with a quick brief of an intelligent call center software solution to give an overview to people on how this software can resolve the major business challenges.

Arpit has shared all the major challenges businesses and call centers face that use any call center solution. From juggling among multiple communication platforms like call center software, social media, etc. to facing ever-changing regulatory changes of different countries. Arpit shared how businesses using a call center solution, whether a traditional or an intelligent call center solution, face multiple challenges.

The next segment of this webinar shared a technical demonstration of the iCallify 2.1, which is version 2.1 of an intelligent call center software solution offered by Inextrix, namely, iCallify. In the webinar, along with giving a technical walkthrough of the major features of the iCallify 2.1, Arpit shared how these features aid businesses in overcoming all the commonly faced challenges.

For example, as per the shared details, most popular communication channels similar to Twitter can be easily integrated into software like iCallify. It can be done at your fingertips and no technical or coding knowledge would be needed to integrate Twitter with the intelligent call center software. Once Twitter gets integrated into the software, agents can respond to tweets and DMs received on the configured Twitter profile without leaving the screen of call center software.

One amazing feature made available in iCallify 2.1 related to Twitter integration is that Twitter communication can be assigned to specific campaigns and agents. The reason is not all agents need to respond to tweets and not all campaigns require Twitter access. This flexibility makes the usage of this communication channel fruitful and productive.

One more interesting feature explained by Arpit is the compatibility issues with the gateways of different communication channels. Often the call center solution providers support only a few predefined gateways, i.e., SMS gateways. In such a situation, even if there are better and cheaper gateways available, the businesses need to use what is compatible with the software. Unlike this, the intelligent call center software supports all major and popular gateways, i.e., Twilio SMS gateway.

In the complete webinar, Arpit has shared multiple advanced features available in the iCallify 2.1 and how they resolve all major roadblocks faced by businesses, so don’t forget to watch the complete webinar. Contact us to book a free trial of iCallify 2.1.