We are happy to announce that after the successful completion of our first webinar and iCallify 2.1 release, we are coming up with our next webinar. We are going to conduct one more webinar soon to benefit our customers, prospects, call center software users, and anyone interested in technology.

The next webinar will also be conducted by Mr. Arpit Modi, who is co-founder and director of our company Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has been working closely with the team of developers building an intelligent call center solution and several call centers and businesses that have been using an intelligent call center solution. With his experience and expertise in this industry, he is going to conduct the next webinar.

Here is the quick detail of the upcoming webinar:

Topic: Intelligent Call Center Software: An Inside Look

Date: 25 March 2021

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM IST (GMT + 5:30)

How to Join

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Businesses and call centers have been facing multiple challenges, which can be resolved using technological tools like an intelligent call center software solution. Arpit is going to cover major challenges commonly faced by several businesses and call centers, regardless of their industry and size or nature of business.

As the iCallify 2.1 has come up with some interesting features and many people have shown interest in knowing more about these features, Arpit is also going to deliver a technical walkthrough of the major features of iCallify 2.1. A majority of these features of iCallify 2.1 are capable enough to resolve major challenges faced by businesses. Therefore, Arpit is going to give a technical demo to the webinar participants of features along with a detailed explanation on how these features resolve a majority of challenges faced by the call centers and businesses.

What will be covered?

  • A quick brief on intelligent call center software and iCallify
  • A detailed discussion over major roadblocks faced by businesses and call centers
  • Technical demo and walkthrough of the major features of iCallify 2.1 along with a detailed explanation on how these features can aid businesses to overcome the roadblocks and achieve success.

Top Reasons to join this webinar:

This webinar can be attended by business owners, the staff of the call center, VoIP support engineers, aspiring developers, aspiring business owners, and anyone interested in technical tools like intelligent call center software.

There are many reasons to attend this webinar such as:

  • Identify the major challenges, which might be suffocating the growth of your business
  • Learn about the major features of an intelligent call center software solution that can help in overpowering the major challenges faced by businesses
  • Know more about the advanced features of the intelligent call center solution
  • Take a free demo of iCallify 2.1
  • Ask your questions related to a call center solution, intelligent call center software, entrepreneurship, etc. to a decade-long experienced developer and entrepreneur.


Inextrix is going to give an inside look at the most advanced solution, plus, explanation of how different features of this software can resolve these issues.