taking precautionary steps and also supporting the steps taken by the government completely. We have announced “Work from Home” for an uncertain period.

“We understand that the prevention and safety are two important steps we need to follow until this virus is controlled by the government steps or we get an effective vaccine for COVID 19. By keeping the safety of the team and everyone around as well as by understanding the criticalness of taking all possible steps to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we have announced the shutdown of the offices. However, we have not stopped working. We have some business commitments which we will meet for sure. Our clients will get timely services”, shared Mr. Arpit Modi, Cofounder and Director, Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

As per the shared details, the company is going to use its own resources and products to make this “Remote Work” model work. The spokesperson of the company shared some vital information on how they will make this remote work model successful.

1. iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software

It is a proprietary product of the company. It is an intelligent call center solution with some useful features which make remote work even more simplified. Below are the some of the major and useful features of this call center solution:

  • Interactive voice response system to keep customers informed and aware about different policies and steps taken by the company as well as to route him to the right person.
  • Ring group to ring numbers of multiple employees so any one of them can handle the call.
  • Remote Agent to provide the required virtual infrastructure so agents can take the call and provide support on-time.
  • PSTN call forwarding to forward the calls to the mobile or landline number of the team.
  • Call recording to assure the best code of conduct

As per the shared details, the company will use this intelligent call center software to respond to the support requests and to new inquiries.

2. PC dialer software

It is a SIP Softphone solution of the company which is also a proprietary product offered by Inextrix. The company is going to use this tool to let its team interact internally and with the customers and prospects. This SIP Softphone solution has all types of communication features.

The company announced that this tool will be majorly used by the project managers and team leaders as they need to communicate with the team members and customers occasionally. However, they do not need to take calls frequently as our sales and business development team or support engineers do. Thus, they will use a PC dialer instead of intelligent call center software.

3. Call accounting solution

The company will use the supervisory features of iCallify to review team performance and productivity. Other than that, the company has set up its call accounting solution to assure fair usage of resources and dedication towards the work.

If you have also gone remote and thinking to do so, these products can be effective for you as well. Contact us for more details.