Nowadays, businesses are becoming more dynamic in nature. They need several impromptu meetings, as well as scheduled meetings, which require people from multiple locations to join the meeting. Business teams travel to increase the reach of a business for marketing, sales, and customer relationships across the nation and even across the globe. Moreover, resellers, partners, and more need to communicate their take on different things to increase the sales of a company. All these use cases demand to have a reliable collaboration system that can be furnished by an audio video conferencing system.

What is an Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing Solution?

Audio and Video Conferencing Solution

A conferencing solution can be a web app, mobile app, or a software tool, which lets users connect with each other. Different conferencing solutions may require different hardware devices, software elements, network components, and more that are necessary to host a conference and let participants share their audio and visuals. The traditional conferencing tools create several issues and challenges, which demand a reliable and integrated audio visual video conferencing system.

An integrated solution will use the system applications and devices to let participants and hosts participate in a conference. It will not need to have an additional device to stream a video or for any other feature use. The smart telephony platform provider can also let businesses integrate this conferencing solution within their business application with a click-to-connect feature. This allows users to simply create a conference room and with a single click, the user can generate a conference.

Major Challenges Faced Without an Integrated Collaboration Solution

Traditionally businesses used to use different remote communication solutions to meet collaboration needs, but often businesses have to face several challenges.

Everyone Needs to Download the Conferencing Tool

Traditional conferencing tools demand business users download the same tools and sign up to participate in or host conferences. This can be inconvenient often because there can be new users like prospective clients who don’t have that system to join the audio and video conferencing and need to download the one.

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High-tech Equipment Would be Needed

Some professional conferencing tools require high-tech equipment to conduct conferences such as video conferencing cameras, high-resolution monitors, and more. In this case, it is necessary to use similar equipment for all participants who are interested in collaboration. This can be difficult to manage by all professionals or customers and cause a major challenge.

Conferences can Get Expensive

All traditional conferencing solutions don’t use VoIP technology and that can be quite difficult to use on an ongoing basis because it is an expensive affair. Even VoIP based tools that demand certain hardware components for all professionals are an added expense. Even if it is a software solution or a web app, it can get expensive to manage a professional account and upgrade the software for a user. White label accounts get too expensive for a business to manage.

How Does an Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing System Enhance Collaboration?

Audio and Video Conferencing System

An integrated audio video conferencing system is a boon for modern businesses. It overcomes all major challenges faced by users and businesses. Moreover, it provides a more reliable and swimming experience for business users and professionals. In multiple ways, an integrated system for conferencing for businesses can enhance collaboration in multiple ways.

No Downloads Needed

The integrated system does not need participants to download any additional tool, plug-in, or software. Using the regular business application, they can conduct an audio and video conferencing session with any number of users. This makes it really simple and quick to collaborate with each other. In this type of solution, even guests can join the conferences by clicking on a given link, and they, too, don’t need to make any sign ups or downloads.

Familiar Interface

As the integrated solution for business collaboration gets integrated with the existing business apps and uses integrated apps like webcam, microphone, etc. to conduct conferences, the users will find it very easy to use. The interface of the system will be the same as they have been using for years and that gives them high confidence and comfort to use this system.

Reduced Training Efforts

This is another amazing advantage of using an integrated system to conduct voice and video conferences for collaboration. As there are no additional software or hardware components that business users need to use, it would be quite easier for them to learn to use this conferencing tool. Even without any additional training sessions, the business users will be able to use the software, or the app integrated into the business app or available as a complete solution with integrated hardware and software for conducting collaboration and conferencing.

Quick Huddles and Conferencing Made It Easier

All business users will have the same system for collaboration and that is also available as one of the integrated business apps within their regular business tool suite. The integrated click-to-call or click-to-conference buttons make it quite easy for business team members to connect with each other in a huddle for one-to-one calls or for conferences with remote team members. All types of conferences could be conducted using this tool to keep everyone productive and efficient.

Cost Effective

The integrated system will not require any additional tools, which ensures that businesses don’t need to manage multiple hardware and software elements. Moreover, these tools use VoIP based communication technology, which is quite cheaper. Even internal communication is completely free. This reduces expenses over audio visual video conferencing and boosts collaboration.

Simplified Management

The lack of diverse solutions, tools, and components facilitates the management of a conferencing system alongside other business applications. This helps in increasing efficiency and reducing the resources required to manage a conference system.

Concluding Notes

Collaboration with dispersed team members is a necessity for many businesses. Thus, they need to use different tools. An integrated audio and video conferencing solution provides quick access to all conferencing features, ensuring seamless meetings and enhanced productivity. It ensures excellent quality of conference for both audio and visual conferences. Thus, it has become necessary for businesses to use an integrated tool for collaboration.

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