Asterisk is a popular open-source telephony platform. It has been empowering small to large-scale businesses with a core system. Its community-driven nature has contributed to the increased adaptability of SIP based communication solutions. In short, there are several advantages of using Asterisk. However, you cannot use it in its core form. To meet your business needs, you have to tailor its code and build a customized Asterisk solution. To accomplish your goal of building a tailored business communication system, you need to hire an Asterisk developer or a team of Asterisk developers. In this blog post, we are going to cover this interesting subject line of custom Asterisk solution development and services that can make a major difference for your business.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump in and discuss this interesting subject matter.

1. Asterisk Overview

It is a pioneer VoIP software development technology that provides core PBX features. Traditionally, it was developed to run on Linux-based servers. However, the modern versions of this technology work on several other platforms and devices. Moreover, it provides advanced features, which are available to develop a range of telephony solutions other than an IP PBX solution.

It is an open-source technology, which makes it more affordable for all businesses. Its core platform is available to use for free. In addition to that, Asterisk developers can customize the platform with editing, development, and other functionalities to build a completely tailored solution. As a result, this solution can meet personalized business communication needs.

2. Overview of Asterisk Custom Development Services

Custom Development Services

Asterisk provides features of the PBX system in its core platform. However, as mentioned earlier skilled developers can develop any type of communication solution. This platform has been in the internet telecom communication industry for several decades. Therefore, there have been ample resources that provide Asterisk development services to develop custom solutions.

Custom development services include requirement understanding of the company and defining a completely custom telephony solution. The developers develop a tailored system with customized features and functionalities. Additionally, the system will have a white-label theme and skin to meet the business brand identity. Moreover, there are several reasons and benefits to inventing custom development, which we will discuss in detail in the subsequent sections.

At the end of the development cycle, you will receive a fully functional telephony solution. It will have all the required features. Moreover, it will provide access and ownership to the code of the built solution.

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3. Major Benefits of Custom Development in Asterisk

There are several advantages that you can leverage by investing in custom Asterisk solution development. Let’s discuss the major ones in brief.

3.1. Flexible Communication Solutions

Asterisk is one of the most flexible telephony platforms available in the VoIP industry. Therefore, it provides access to the source code, the sky is the limit for the right development team. Any type of custom Asterisk telephony solution is possible to develop. As a result, you can meet your custom communication needs and get a scalable solution, too. Certainly, this is something you must have in your business communication ecosystem, right?

3.2. Cost-Efficient Solution

Cost efficiency is one of the best advantages of using Asterisk based VoIP solutions. In short, there is no license or technology cost. Certainly, the only cost you pay is the development cost to the company or developer that builds your Asterisk based telephony system for business communication.

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Custom development also removes all unnecessary features, which makes the telephony applications more lightweight. This improves performance. In addition to that it reduces operational and maintenance costs. This makes it quite cost-efficient to use Asterisk based solutions.

3.3. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Asterisk is a very flexible platform. As a result, it supports seamless integration with any other system. You can hire an Asterisk developer who is skilled in development and integration. The developer will integrate your business systems like EPABX, CRM system, etc. with your custom Asterisk communication system effortlessly. Moreover, it will provide you with an all-inclusive telephony system. Your business team will not need to switch back and forth among multiple solutions. This will increase efficiency by removing manual errors. Moreover, it will save time and other resources, which will boost the productivity of the team.

3.4. Enhanced Security

The open-source nature of Asterisk can invite invaders and that can be dangerous to your business. However, custom development will close all backdoors. This will make it difficult for invaders to invade your system. Furthermore, it will remove vulnerabilities in the platform to protect your business from known threats.

3.5. Performance Optimization

The development company not only provides development services but also provides optimization of code for optimal performance. This removes all known bugs from the core code. Moreover, it also optimizes the performance, so you can enjoy maximum performance advantages. Furthermore, it benefits the optimization process of other resources.

4.  Major Use Cases of Custom Asterisk Development

Custom Asterisk Development

Use cases of custom Asterisk solutions are many. The right development team can develop a highly personalized and feature-rich solution to meet tailored communication demands. Some of the vital use cases of custom Asterisk solutions are briefly explained hereunder

4.1. Call Centers

For the call center industry, custom development service includes the development of customized IVR systems with dynamic voice prompts and menus. Moreover, it can develop intelligent call routing and queuing solutions to manage incoming calls more efficiently.

4.2. Business Phone Systems

For the business communication industry, custom development using Asterisk can build a unified communication solution. This system can support all major communication channels, including digital communication like voice calls, video calls, conference calls, SMS, chat, email, fax, WhatsApp, social media, and more. Moreover, skilled developers can integrate other business platforms and tools with this software. It helps in building a more powerful solution to meet tailored business communication needs with dynamic features.

4.3. Healthcare

Asterisk is perfect for developing telehealth and telemedicine applications. Therefore, these applications are useful to medical practitioners who are licensed to provide remote healthcare services. Additionally, it adds convenience to patients as well. The development companies help in building HIPAA-compliant telehealth apps.

4.4. Education

In education and learning management systems, Asterisk has some really interesting use cases. This technology is capable of building fully functional e-learning platforms. These platforms are useful in providing remote education. Moreover, they are useful in running Open University which provides online education and certification courses. In addition to the e-learning platform, Asterisk is useful in building a platform to conduct professional or vocational webinars.

5. Major Tips to Hire a Skilled Asterisk Developer

Hire Asterisk Developer

The importance of a custom Asterisk based telephony system for business communication leads us to a crucial question. The question is how to get your custom application developed using Asterisk. As we have been stating repetitively, the right approach to build a personalized Asterisk solution is by hiring an Asterisk developer. Moreover, you must hire a skilled and experienced developer rather than any freelancer or fresher. To help you identify the right developer to hire, follow these expert tips:

5.1 Skill-set Requirement

Our specialized VoIP software development services encompass various technologies, including Asterisk. Asterisk is a huge platform. Moreover, it supports the usage of different development languages and platforms to build custom solutions. It also supports multi-tenancy, multiple languages, and integration with third-party apps and solutions. In short, there is too much to absorb for a single developer. Therefore, you must know the skill set that your developer must hold to get hired.

5.2 Places to Find an Experienced Asterisk Developer

There are multiple places to look for when you are ready to hire a resource for custom development using Asterisk. Some of the popular ones are listed below:

  • Google paid and organic search
  • Social networking platforms
  • Inner circle references
  • Business directories and
  • Freelancing platforms

5.3. Key Considerations in the Hiring Process

When you are all set to kick-start the hiring process, you must have key considerations in mind. Along with your skill set, you need to focus on the following points:

  • Core experience in offering Asterisk development services (in years)
  • Hourly rate
  • Availability
  • Portfolio
  • Communication skills
  • Budget (Hourly rate)

5.4. Define a Collaborative Approach

Once you have selected an experienced Asterisk developer to hire for your custom project, you need to think about the next step. It is necessary to discuss this before awarding a project to a developer for assured smooth execution. Certainly, define the process of execution and how you will communicate in detail. Moreover, you must discuss all points to create a collaborative approach for smooth execution.


In conclusion, developing a personalized telephony solution is beneficial for a business in multiple ways. To fulfill this requirement, hiring an Asterisk developer is indeed a feasible solution. Therefore, you must look for a skilled developer who can provide you with a tailored solution.

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