Asterisk has been benefiting the VoIP telephony industry since 1999. It means that for more than two decades, this open source VoIP platform has been empowering businesses with its amazing telephony features and cost benefits. Initially, all VoIP solutions, from a live call monitoring solution to IVR solution, call center routing software, hosted Softswitch solutions, etc. were developed in Asterisk. Now, the telephony industry has multiple other technology alternatives to use instead of Asterisk development. Still, Asterisk is one of the most popular technologies.

Even though Asterisk has been benefiting VoIP businesses for more than 25 years, there are many myths circulating related to building Asterisk solutions using any reliable Asterisk service provider.

Asterisk can be used only to build a PBX solution

Asterisk Development


Myth # 1:

Earlier, Asterisk gained popularity as an open source PBX platform. Thus, many people have a myth that this platform can be used only for building private branch exchange (PBX) solutions.


The fact is that Asterisk is a multipurpose VoIP development technology. It can be used to build any type of VoIP solution; from a simple IVR solution to intricate call center routing software. A reliable Asterisk development company can build any telephony product by harnessing the power of this VoIP telephony platform.

Myth # 2:

Asterisk cannot be used for building multi tenant solutions. All multi tenant products need to be developed using other VoIP development platforms.


One of the members of the open source Asterisk community had identified some bugs in this platform and launched one more open source VoIP PBX platform. This has given a wave to the myth that Asterisk cannot be used to build any multi tenant solution. However, Asterisk can support multi tenant architecture. Of course, you need the right Asterisk service provider that has a thorough understanding of this platform. 

Myth # 3:

Asterisk based solutions are not scalable and thus, they can limit the growth of a business.


This is another major myth revolving around these popular VoIP development platforms. In earlier years, Asterisk had some limitations due to which Asterisk developers had to focus on upgrading hardware to support the growth of the Asterisk based solution. However, in the past few years, multiple enhancements and advancements took place in this technology. It is more scalable than ever before. Moreover, with the correct hardware infrastructure, scalability can be improved even further.


Asterisk has benefited various companies and developers to build various VoIP and telephony products and solutions. As it is a popular VoIP development platform that can be used in any industry, there are various myths attached to it. 

We have covered major three myths along with respective facts to help you understand the importance of this platform to build any telephony product.

In a nutshell, Asterisk is a reliable platform, which can be used to build scalable, robust, reliable, and secure platforms to meet the telecommunication and collaboration needs of businesses and end users.

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