Even if an omnichannel call center solution is gaining popularity because of the diversity of communication channels used by consumers, still, phone calls are the most used communication channel. This is the reason, all features of even a traditional call center software solution related to calling are still in use and pretty popular. An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is one of the features available in contact center solutions. It contains features of a complete IVR solution.

The interactive voice response platform has many advantages to offer and being productive support is one of them. It benefits at each stage of customer support and care.

1. It auto attends all calls

In a majority of cases, call centers receive more calls than the number of agents it has. This may lead the customer to hear the busy tone in the traditional setup. But, the inbound IVR solutions automatically attend all calls. Thus, clients don’t need to hear a busy tone and can feel valued. It is also referred to as an auto attendant system.

2. It warmly greets customers

The smart interactive voice response software not only automatically attends each call, but also greets each customer professionally. Even after attending 1000 calls, this VoIP calling software greets customers with the same warmth. This keeps customers of wholesale VoIP service providers feeling welcomed.

3. It puts customers in the right queue using ACD (Automated Call Distribution)

Usually, the IVR software providers integrate an auto attendant system with the best contact center software. The contact center solutions offer multiple automated call distribution rules like a sticky agent, skill based routing, etc. The auto attendant system puts customers into the right ACD rule queue.

4. It keeps the customer engaged while he/ she is in a call queue

It is likely that agents don’t attend to the customer calls immediately. The interactive voice response software plays a piece of music to keep customers engaged while waiting for agents. Sometimes, the smart auto attendant systems also play the estimated time a system may take to reach out to a live agent to keep customers informed about the busy hours. It can also provide a callback option, which can be attended by the call center software precisely.

5. It automates frequently asked query resolution

The auto attendant system can automate responding questions that are asked frequently. It also helps in automating actions that are repetitively taken by clients to support call centers serving clients.


In summary, the IVR solution is an essential part of a call center. It not only supports, but also empowers call centers using this platform. With the advancements in technologies, smart auto attendant systems are invented for call centers. It can also personalize responses by fetching data from the database.

Along with supporting inbound campaigns, smart interactive voice response solutions can also help with outbound campaigns like sales, surveys, feedback gathering, etc.

In a nutshell, it is a complete solution that enriches different campaigns in a call center.

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