Call center solutions offer futuristic features to call centers. One of the advanced features available in the best call center software is the soundboard call center.

What is a call center soundboard?

  1. It is a feature that provides a digital board of different sounds within call center dialer software.
  2. These sounds are often voice prompts or voice messages recorded by native speakers or advanced TTS (Text to Speech) software offered by the top VoIP service providers.

What is the role of this feature?

It is one of the integral features available in advanced contact center solutions. As it is an advanced feature, it is available as an add-on in some call center solutions. It can aid call center agents in multiple ways.

Role of call center soundboard:

  1. It can be used in greeting customers once they connect to the agent.
  2. It can help in engaging customers or prospective customers.
  3. It can help in delivering more satisfactory customer services.
  4. It can help in winning the trust of future customers.

Many call centers misunderstand that a soundboard call center can be used only in incoming calls, but it is not the case. It can also be used in sales and cold calling campaigns, which are outbound campaigns run by an outbound call center solution.

How does this feature help call centers?

It can help call centers in multiple ways. Let’s explore the top 3 ways.

1. Engaging customers and improving customer satisfaction

Some customers prefer talking to the native speakers only. This feature of an omnichannel call center solution can help call centers to play responses in the voice of native speakers, so this type of customer can be engaged and delighted with ease.

2. Boosting confidence of agents

When agents are new in a call center, they are likely to make mistakes or sound low confident. At that time, the call center soundboard can do the magic by masking the agent’s shaking voice and playing voice prompts in the language of a native speaker.

This software call center feature also helps agents to handle calls more efficiently, when the agent is good at listening and understanding a language, but not well versed in speaking that language.

3. Increasing sales

Some people prefer doing business with people who belong to their region only. The Soundboard can create this effect by playing greetings to all other responses as a native speaker. This can help in winning the confidence of the prospective client and winning more business.


In conclusion, the Soundboard Call Center is one of the most advanced and useful features available in the best call center software. It can be used in both inbound and outbound campaigns to help agents engage customers more efficiently. It is capable of increasing client satisfaction and sales, as well as, increasing agent productivity by boosting their morale.

Are you interested in using Soundboard and enjoying the benefits it offers?

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