Even if the modern-day call center solutions provide all required features, some call centers look for third-party solutions. Moreover, they invest in integrating systems within the call center software. To help you save on this additional software, we have come up with this article. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is one of the solutions, which is often required by call centers. You can find this single-tenant software solution in the contact center solution. But, a majority of the features of this software are available in cloud call center solutions. Moreover, this software can benefit call centers in multiple ways to increase profit.

1. Call forwarding 

Many call centers overlook the amazing benefit of this feature of a private branch exchange system. It can help in increasing customer satisfaction, especially for premium clients. The cloud contact center solutions usually use the sticky agent feature to connect premium clients with the same agent. When an agent is on leave, the call forwarding feature can be used to connect premium customers with the same agents to build a strong customer relationship.

2. Auto attendant

Both PBX  (private branch exchange) and an inbound call center solution offer an integrated virtual IVR solution. As this feature is already available in the software for the contact center, an added system is not required. The inbound IVR solution will attend to all incoming calls automatically to let customers feel valued. It helps in retaining clients.

It will also log all calls, so agents can connect with those customers who abandoned the calls later using an outbound progressive dialer.

3. Internal communication

Agents and supervisors in a call center need to communicate with each other to provide a better customer experience and handle sales calls more efficiently. The call center omnichannel software provides internal chat and extension calling support using a web-based phone and direct dial-in numbers.

4. Call transfer

Agents often need to discuss a customer case with each other or supervisor; the attended call transfer feature provides the same capability to the outbound contact center software users. The blind call transfer is another useful private branch exchange feature available in a call center solution.

5. Call recording

Many call centers prefer recording internal and external calls for quality assessment, as well as training purposes. The call recording feature of a call center solution helps in enhancing the quality of service as agents are aware that their calls are under surveillance. Moreover, these call recording files can be listened to, to provide direct feedback to agents, so they can work more efficiently.


In the modern era, the contact center solutions come up with multiple integrated solutions such as:

  • Web-based predictive dialer
  • Online predictive dialer
  • Auto dialer system
  • Cloud IVR solution
  • Automatic call distribution system
  • PBX software
  • And more

The private branch exchange system integrated within the call center software helps in improving customer loyalty, gaining more sales, and increasing agent performance. Moreover, expenses related to managing two systems can be eliminated. This contributes to increasing profit.

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