What Should You Demand From a Modern Live Call Monitoring Software?

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live call monitoring software

A live call monitoring software is renowned as the most popular VoIP calling software. It is one of the general-purpose VoIP solutions, which can be used in any business or by any business VoIP provider.

Different VoIP solution providers offer a live call monitoring solution and usually features of all these solutions are the same. However, there are some must-have features and characteristics, which you should examine and confirm with your provider before buying this software for call centers or any other industry.

1. Monitoring all types of calls

Usually, people consider this software only does one thing, which is reviewing all ongoing calls in real time. This is one of the features of this system. The modern live call monitoring system monitors all types of live calls and not just ongoing calls, which include:

  • Live calls
  • Ringing calls
  • Conference calls

2. Auto refresh data

Another must have feature that you must demand in the modern live call monitoring software is auto refresh. As this system will monitor calls in real time, the data showing the analysis results must get auto updated with auto refresh feature. Some traditional providers need users to refresh data manually or the interval of auto update is way too long.

3. Force call control

The advanced platform provides multiple other features along with supervising calls in real time. Allowing supervisors to take control of a call is one of the added features, which is important and necessary to have.

4. Integration with third party solutions

Usually, a live call monitoring system is used with any other VoIP calling software. Thus, it is necessary to check whether the software is flexible enough to let it be integrated with other third party software or not. Some of the common solutions, which get integrated with a real time call monitoring solution, are:

  • VoIP PBX
  • Call center software
  • VoIP Softswitch
  • Call accounting system
  • And more

5. Provide added information

Along with monitoring calls in real time, a modern live call monitoring solution must provide real time statistics of the following:

  • Registered SIP accounts
  • System usage data
  • System information
  • And more


There are multiple real time call monitoring solutions available in the market. All may look similar, but the modern system will provide modern and advanced features. You have to check and demand advanced features to leverage the full potential of this platform for your business. From increasing productivity to enhancing performance, improving the quality of calls, identifying calls with the shortest or longest durations, etc. can help you grow your business.

Moreover, this software usually gets used in coordination with other telephony solutions. Thus, you must be able to use both of these platforms in a harmony using the world class platform.

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