Live call monitoring, also known as real time call review or monitoring, platform is one of the most effective tools for supervisors to review the calls in real time. Whether a business is a call center running inbound call center service to offer reliable customer support to existing clients or if you are a VoIP service provider that offers other VoIP services to businesses to thrive faster, live call monitoring software can be beneficial for your business.

There are many advantages of this popular solution. Let’s explore some of the major advantages. 

1. Fair usage of communication resources

Many businesses have this concern of assuring whether their sales, business, and other team members use communication resources productively or not. Whether the team uses telecommunication tools like a multi tenant IP PBX system or a VoIP mobile dialer for business communication or not, needs to be ensured in real time.

A live call monitoring platform, whether it is integrated into the contact center software or if it is used independently can measure and provide these vital details.

2. Increase team productivity

If you use one of the best live call monitoring software solutions, your team will know that their calls can be screened in real time, even if calls are not getting recorded by SIP recording software. This adds a sense of responsibility to work productively at any time a supervisor might be reviewing the call.

Moreover, supervisors can actually monitor all types of calls in real time using this platform:

  • Ringing calls
  • Ongoing calls
  • Conference calls

Supervisors can even jump into any call to coach agents to handle a call in a more proficient way. 

It means supervisors can define a better and/ or real time training for team members to work more productively. 

3. Ensure quality of service

It has become vital to emphasize the quality of service for customers in any business. The live call monitoring system can help with not only reviewing, but also managing the best quality of service. It provides the required features for reviewing calls in real time. In addition to that, this platform provides the best controls over calls. 

All of these help supervisors to add the required bandwidth, team, SIP lines, etc. to improve the quality of the calls and quality of service.

Concluding notes

The real time call monitoring solution can provide a powerful tool for business users, so they can handle multiple business communication aspects within a single platform. This tool provides more than just monitoring features, which further aids businesses to train the team in real time to make resourceful use of business tools.

There are several advantages of this platform, which is why businesses where call supervision is very much important, this software is one of the components of the main solution. For example, a contact center solution provider integrates live statistics and real time monitoring into their call center solutions.

The live call monitoring system has been benefiting businesses with its amazing benefits and it will continue doing so.

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