Modern contact center solutions support both inbound and outbound calling. Thus, many offshore outsourcing call center service providers get inclined to run both, inbound and outbound campaigns. However, the best trade is to focus on any one type of service. Outbound Call Center Services can help in increasing success factors and can be a major contributor to your business growth. Let’s explore how.

1. Reduced competition compared to inbound contact center services

Customer care is an overrated industry. It doesn’t mean customer care is not important, but there are many offshore customer care service providers. Thus, if you use an outbound call center solution to offer outgoing services, you would face somewhat less competition.

2. Multiple revenue generation options

If you use an inbound contact center solution, you would have the option to offer any of the following services:

  • Customer care
  • Handling warm leads

On the other hand, if you use one of the best call center dialer software to offer outbound call center services, you can provide multiple outgoing services such as:

  • Loan EMI collection
  • Survey collection
  • Feedback collection
  • Telemarketing
  • Telesales
  • Cold calling
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing

It means you have more options, so you can earn more.

3. Advantage of contact center software automation 

The best call center software provides different automation features. Of course, an inbound contact center solution will have an automated call routing system. But, in comparison to that, the outgoing campaigns can use more automated features available in the software call center like:

  • Auto dialer
  • Predictive dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Voice broadcasting
  • SMS broadcasting
  • And more

Using an omnichannel call center solution, you can automate several operations completely. It helps you to better utilize your resources and increase returns over investment (ROI).

4. Boost business 

The outbound call center solution can be used for your own business as well. You can use it to generate more leads and sales. You can also use it to maintain better customer relationships with your clients like an international wholesale VoIP provider to whom you offer outbound call center services. It can help you retain clients and enjoy improved customer loyalty.


In conclusion, instead of struggling between outbound and inbound service offerings, it would be better to focus on one. As the outbound contact center service sector is less competitive, you can trade in this sector to increase revenues.

You can provide different outbound call center services to your customers depending on their business needs. Using the right contact center software and its automation features, you can provide all inclusive outbound services to that client. From lead generation to sales and lead nurturing is part of outbound calling and an omnichannel call center solution can empower you to achieve the best results for the same.

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