Mobile SIP dialer apps have redefined business communication. Enterprises use this communication app, not just to reduce business communication costs, but also to add mobility with traceability. Mobile SIP dialer apps help employees to enjoy work life balance as they don’t need to share their personal numbers with customers. On other hand, managers can track how these business communication tools are used by employees to ensure the productive use of business tools and budgets. 

Traditionally, the VoIP Softphone is used to keep using CPU resources by keeping the app awake. This was necessary to deliver each message and call to the recipient. However, this is used to increase the load on resource use. Moreover, on the consumer front, it used to drain out the battery by keeping an app active even in the background. This often causes inconvenience to users as either they have to forcibly close the app, which makes them miss out on important calls or messages or they have to stop using this app for business communication. 

Thanks to the technical inventions and innovative SIP Softphone development companies that have invented VoIP push notifications, which is also referred to as SIP push gateway notification. This mechanism removes the need of keeping an app active even when not in the foreground. Still, it can send messages and calls and ring the VoIP dialer app when the message or call is sent to that number via a mechanism of push notification. 

This mechanism makes mobile SIP dialer apps more energy efficient and it can provide several more advantages with its host of features. Let’s explore all vital information about SIP push gateway notifications. 

Role of Mobile Dialer in a VoIP Business

  1. What is VoIP push notification? 
  2. How to enable SIP push gateway notification? 
  3. How does it work? 
  4. What are the major benefits of VoIP push notifications? 
  5. How can VoIP push notifications to make dialer apps energy efficient? 
  6. Concluding notes 

Let’s understand these points in detail to explore all vital details about this vital push notification for apps. 

Vital Information About SIP Push Gateway Notifications

1.  What is VoIP push notification? 

It is also known as server push notification because it sends a push notification to the server by establishing a reliable server to client communication standard. It is a solution to resolve the traditional problem of keeping a VoIP app awake to receive any form of communication, be it a voice call, video call, message, or something else. Whenever a new form of conversation is received, the VoIP push notification sends a notification to notify and wakes up a closed or sleeping SIP application. 

Mobile operating system developers, namely, Apple and Android send Cloud push messaging for free, which can be implanted in any mobile app to save battery usage. This push messaging mechanism can be connected to any SIP client and SIP server. These apps are compatible with any VoIP app and SIP services such as IP PBX solution, SIP trunking solution, etc. 

The VoIP push notification can work for mobile apps installed on Android and Apple, as well as, it can be used for web apps if you are using a web phone. 

This ensures that the white label SIP dialer development company does not need to keep an active connection between the SIP server and client by running the app constantly even if it is active in the background. 

2.  How to enable SIP push gateway notification? 

VoIP push notification can work as an additional software or program that is configured between the SIP client and SIP server, ideally, near your servers. It can take up a role like a session border controller solution, a gateway, or a proxy server. 

  • Get the API provided by your operating system and register with Google or Apple based cloud service platform depending on the OS of your app, which can be either Apple or Google or both of them. Once you register, you will be able to generate a token. 
  • You need to edit SIP headers to accommodate additional information about the token that you have generated with the subscription. 

To make the SIP push gateway notification work, the VoIP development company will need to make changes to the SIP client. The consumer will be unaware of any technical changes as everything will happen in the background without any push notification or intimation to the user. Consumers can continue enjoying the advantages of this app with added benefits.

3.  How does it work? 

Here is how this notification works to make your SIP apps more efficient: 

  • Whenever the VoIP dialer app is not in use, it will be closed or put in the sleep state by the app programming or even by the OS (Android or iOS) 
  • Once a new conversation is sent to the user of this dialer app, the push notification will wake up the app in the sleep state by sending a message to the SIP client. This mechanism will constantly send messages until the app is brought back to the active state to receive a new conversation or once the session is closed as per the predefined timeout condition. 
  • Once the client app, here our white label SIP dialer is brought back to the active state, it will receive the message or call from another SIP client.  

4.  What are the major benefits of VoIP push notifications? 

Major Benefits of VoIP Push Notifications

Customer side advantages 

Saving consumer resources 

The first and foremost advantage of using push notifications for SIP clients is saving battery, processing power, and server requests, which can be a huge resource savior for users. It can remove a lot of inconveniences caused by keeping an app always active even when there is no conversation going on. 

Never miss out on an important call or message 

Without a SIP push gateway notification, it is possible that a user puts a white label Softphone into a sleep state or forcibly closed state. Sometimes it happens automatically, when a user closes all apps forcibly or a mobile operating system puts an inactive app into a sleep state. In this case, the user will not receive a SIP call or message request and miss out on an important conversation. However, with the introduction of this mechanism, it can be ensured that customers will never ever miss an important conversation. 

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Provider side advantages 

High compatibility 

This mechanism is completely compatible with all SIP servers and SIP clients, as well as, mobile operating systems. From IP PBX solution, SIP trunking solution to Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Android, Apple, etc. supports this mechanism. Thus, there is no need to think about the compatibility related challenges. With a small process and minor changes in SIP headers, this energy efficient app can be provided to customers to enjoy an elevated happy client ratio. 

Solution for all platforms 

Another crucial advantage of using this mechanism is that it is adept. It is also adopted by all platforms. Thus, using a single change in the communication mechanism, you can provide an energy efficient app to your mobile users and web users. 

No major infrastructure or software changes 

The major advantage of using SIP push gateway notification is that it does not require a VoIP development company to recode its SIP server or clients or its dialer apps. The provider can use the same app and code because this notification mechanism is compatible with all the latest apps and platforms. This gives major relief to providers that are conscious of the cost of change. 

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5.  How can VoIP push notifications to make dialer apps energy efficient? 

Traditionally, VoIP Softphone development companies had to keep the app in an active state by keeping a constant connection between UDP or TCP with the frequent keep-alive mechanism. Thus, a background service keeps on operating to keep the app in an active state to receive a new message or call request. This not only uses a lot of CPU and processing power, but it also drains out the batteries of users by keeping the app active even when it is not in the foreground or put into closed condition. 

With the help of server push notification, this drawback of SIP apps is eliminated as now with a simple registration with the cloud push messaging service provider to get the token and using that token into SIP headers can enable development companies to redefine the whole scenario. They can wake up a closed or in-sleep state app only when there is a new conversation request. This stops consuming user batteries and processing power. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, VoIP push notification has emerged as a real savior for customers as well as for SIP Softphone development companies. It not only makes mobile and web apps like a white label Softphone more energy efficient, but it has several other advantages to offer. In fact, it is so prominent that it can meet the needs of Android and Apple devices with the latest OS, which forcibly closes apps that are not active for a while or are not in the foreground. 

If you are interested in exploring more about SIP push gateway notification to implement it in your app or if you are seeking a mobile SIP dialer app that uses this effective mechanism, then contact us.

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