The invention of WebRTC changed the whole ecosystem of communication over the Internet. It made real time browser-based communication possible, which was not possible with traditional VoIP development technologies. WebRTC supports video, voice, chat, media and even multimedia based communication over browsers. Leverage the power of our WebRTC Gateway to optimize your communication workflows and enhance productivity within your browser-based applications.

Traditionally, a VoIP development company used to use a plug-in or extension to build communication solutions that can provide real time communication facilities over browsers. This is used to add additional steps and dependencies over third party plug-in providers to build sustainable browser communication solutions. This is the reason a majority of VoIP software development companies relied upon software applications instead of building web-based apps to avoid these dependencies. However, the need for web-based VoIP communication solutions could not be denied or avoided. The invention of WebRTC app development with the help of this browser-based technology brought a revolution in this industry. The role of a WebRTC gateway is special and necessary to build powerful and easy to use browser-based communication solutions that operate over the internet. 

What is a WebRTC Gateway? 

It is a bridging device that is developed to meet an exclusive need of connecting the open world of the Internet with traditional communication solutions working over internet protocol. 

A WebRTC gateway eliminates the need to add any third-party plug-ins or extensions and simply develop the best communication solutions that work seamlessly over browsers. The tools developed with the best WebRTC application development practices and WebRTC gateway can seamlessly transmit voice, video, and data over the Internet. This enables seamless real time communication over the browser. 

The WebRTC gateway works only over WebRTC enabled browsers and the good news is several browsers now support WebRTC based communication solutions. The solutions developed using the WebRTC gateway by a WebRTC development company will be a multi-platform application and can be used across devices and operating systems that have WebRTC enabled browsers. For example, it can work on a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Moreover, these real time communication solutions can be used across wired, wireless, public, and private networks. 

As WebRTC is an open-source technology similar to other VoIP development technologies, any VoIP development company can use it to build real time communication solutions. It empowers businesses to build powerful communication tools with custom features to make communication a breeze for businesses and end users. 

Major Functionalities of WebRTC Gateway 

Functionalities of WebRTC

Conventionally, in the process of building VoIP based communication solutions, there are two major components: 

  • Signaling: It is responsible to set up sessions for users and manage these sessions for seamless connection. 
  • Media transmission: It is responsible for the actual transmission of voice, video, and data from the sender or receiver and vice versa. 

The WebRTC gateway is a central piece of this network, which sits between these two components of a real-time communication solution. It performs a vital function of connecting the traditional telephony ecosystem with real time communication over browser technology. 

Thus, the WebRTC gateway handles multiple jobs at its level to provide a turnkey communication solution. Some of the major jobs performed by this device are listed below: 

  • Signaling interworking 
  • Transcoding 
  • Media interworking 
  • Application interworking 

WebRTC gateway also has another unique function to perform, which is to provide the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs for seamless communication. These APIs are responsible for streamlining the process of WebRTC app development. 

The major advantage of REST APIs is that it is known by a majority of developers, whether having any experience as a WebRTC developer or not. Even web app developers can use these APIs offered by the WebRTC gateway to integrate real time communication features into their web applications. This makes the process of embedding real time browser-based communication features into any web app easy, quick, and cost effective for any company, including a web development company. 

Major Use Cases of WebRTC Gateway-based Applications 

Use Cases of WebRTC Gateway

WebRTC has several applications and the WebRTC gateway makes this technology even more powerful by connecting the power of IP telephony and traditional telecommunication. Some of the major use cases of WebRTC gateway that all VoIP software development companies can use are briefed hereunder. 

Business meeting solution 

All enterprises need to have online meetings with prospective customers, clients, investors, team members, and more. The WebRTC gateway enables building apps that provide a browser based one-to-one and one-to-many business meeting solution. This WebRTC solution can be used for personal meetings, product launches, software walkthroughs, conference calls, and other business applications. It can also be used to build a strong customer relationship. It can support voice and video calls and conferences along with other features like chat, file share, screen share, etc. 

Webinar solution 

Webinar solutions are very much popular in several industries. From taking online classes to hosting a paid webinar on any subject matter, a WebRTC based webinar solution can conduct any type of webinar. A WebRTC development company can also add custom features such as keeping all participants on mute or unmute, giving screen share control to any of the participants, sending private chat messages, etc. 

Website calling solution 

Many websites have started implementing a WebRTC enabled communication solution within the website. A visitor simply needs to click on the button and the WebRTC gateway will generate a call. This call will be attended by any of the agents with the right access. This is a hot favorite use case of WebRTC nowadays in eCommerce and similar businesses because it helps in increasing conversion and reducing the abandoned rate. 

OTT and RCS solutions 

OTT (Over the Top) and RCS (Rich Communication Services) are very popular among end users nowadays. Majorly, consumers use mobile apps on their smartphones to use these services. However, there are still some users that are interested in using their smart TVs and desktop or laptop screens to take advantage of the bigger picture. The WebRTC gateway enables development companies to build browser-based solutions to cater to this audience. 

Concluding notes 

WebRTC has opened the doors of applications that can be built to meet real time communication needs of end users and businesses without much hassle of installing the same software, creating accounts, and more. The invention of WebRTC is nothing less than an innovation in the industry of Internet based communication solutions. WebRTC gateways play a very crucial role in bridging the gap between conventional telephony and the internet-based communication system. This provides more flexibility to developers to add real time communication features into any web application or build exclusive web browser-based communication and collaboration solutions. WebRTC gateways make WebRTC application development easy and effective to empower several industry verticals. 

We, Inextrix Technologies, have been catering to different industries with our expertise in this real-time communication solution development technology. We have a team of expert developers and each WebRTC developer has rich experience in building diverse and tailored apps by harnessing the full potential of WebRTC and WebRTC gateway. We can help you build a conventional or out of the box solution that enables real time communication using browser technology. We also have expertise in building applications that blend the power of multiple VoIP technologies within a single platform to gain a competitive edge. To discuss your requirements and learn about our expertise in WebRTC, contact us NOW! 

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