VoIP has been the talk of the town since it started being an integral part of businesses. There are many perks of this technology as per the best VoIP development companies. Similar to any other technological invention, VoIP has both upsides and downsides. The downside of VoIP-based technologies is illegal VoIP.

VoIP based solutions can provide call recording, but as it does not use a public switched network and as these solutions use DID numbering solution the calls going through VoIP platforms cannot be traced. Thus, many people use this technology and various platforms built by VoIP development experts can use this for illegal VoIP.

Why should you care?

There are many reasons to be cautious about illegal VoIP by the VoIP development companies, consumers, and even authorities.

1. The scammers can make financial losses to consumers

Scammers and cheaters can make fraud calls to targeted users and steal money from consumers. This happens to many users and even the illegal VoIP calls are used to blackmail people, run kidnapping calls, etc. All this can lead customers to major financial losses. 

2. The scammers can use misleading identity

In many cases, scammers use the identity or phone number of people that are known to victims or someone from authority. Illegal VoIP users can even use specialized VoIP software development to develop a platform that can use international numbers or local numbers to scam people. As the calls cannot be traced, the impacts can be increased. 

3. It can involve the VoIP development company in legal trouble

Even if the VoIP calls used for illegal VoIP cannot be traced, the users that are victims of VoIP fraud still file legal cases against these frauds. The VoIP development company that develops this kind of software is likely to get traced and face legal issues. 

Concluding notes

The VoIP industry is booming and it has benefited many companies and individuals with its amazing features and benefits. The VoIP development companies have expertise in custom VoIP software development in different technologies like FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, and WebRTC

Technologies always have two sides and VoIP also has a downside. The illegal VoIP is booming day by day. Bypassing encryption, session border controller, etc. is difficult. This has increased illegal VoIP activities. 

The VoIP industry is reluctantly working on different VoIP platforms and security. STIR/SHAKEN is one of the major moves in this direction to make VoIP platforms and VoIP based communication secure. 

The end users need to be more conscious when they attend calls. They have to make sure they never give any credentials or payment details to anyone on the phone. Even if calls are coming from someone you know or from legal authorities, never give any payment details to the caller. 

If you are a VoIP development company, it is your responsibility to take customer VoIP development projects consciously. You need to understand the utilities of the software before you get involved in the development.

We are one of the development companies offering the best VoIP development services and working in legal VoIP platforms. 

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