The call center software providers have been inventing new features to help contact centers enhance the results and returns. One of the most advanced features available in the best on-premise and hosted call center solutions is Soundboard Avatars, which is also referred to as Soundboard, soundbox, and other similar names. Any call center, which majorly uses a call center software solution with an integrated soundboard feature, is referred to as a Sound board Contact Center.

There are multiple ways one can improve service quality by using this feature of dialer software and we will share how you can achieve that by applying some simple tips.

1. Use natural voice prompts

Similar to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, this feature of the contact center software also uses voice prompts. These voice prompts, whether used in IVR or in the voice box sound, need to be natural. You can take help from business VoIP providers to receive voice over service or you can use TTS (Text to Speech) converter, which can produce a natural voice.

2. Don’t overuse it

One of the main benefits of using sound board contact center software is engaging the caller or customer in the initial conversation using voice prompts in the native language. It means once a customer starts taking interest in the offering or once an angry customer is pacified, the agent must take over the conversation. The whole conversation should not be carried out by using Avatars.

Also, this feature can reap great benefits when used appropriately. You should not overuse it else it may increase call duration. This would affect the productivity of agents. This further increases call queues and ultimately, it will negatively affect the quality of service.

3. Follow a process

You can leverage maximum benefits from your contact center software if your agents know the right way of using it. To make sure the sound box feature is used appropriately, you need to define a process to use this feature of a call center solution. Moreover, you need to train your agents and educate them about the right process of using this feature more efficiently.

4. Keep your Avatars updated

You have to update the voice prompts aka Avatars of your voice box sound feature to keep your agents furnished with all the required prompts. Keep monitoring conversations that use this feature to add missing Avatars. You can also collect feedback from your agents to learn which voice prompts are missing and needed to add them.


You can deliver jaw dropping quality of service to your customers only if you succeed in making the right use of a sound board contact center solution. For this, you need to educate your agents about the method of using this feature precisely. You should also make sure that the Avatars are updated regularly by adding new and removing the unused or rarely used files.

The soundboard is one of the most useful features that you need to have in your on-premise or hosted call center solutions.

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